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Dr Bains honored with Order of British Columbia

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Dr Bains honored with Order of British Columbia

Order of British Columbia yet Another Jewel in the Crown of Dr. Bains’ Honors in Canada


From Left is His Honour Gordon Campbell, the Premier of British Columbia, Center Dr Raghbir Singh Bains O.B.C. and on right is Her Honour Lt Governor, Campagnolo Iona

VICTORIA: In presence of the high dignitaries including Gordon Campbell, the Premier of British Columbia, Honourable Lance S.G. Finch Chief Justice of British Columbia, Ministers and Members of Canadian Parliament, Dr. Raghbir Singh Bains the compiler of the first of its kind "Encyclopaedia of Sikhism" and Producer-Creator of “Multimedia Sikh Museum” has been honored by the Lieutenant Governor of B.C. Iona Campagnolo with the highest honor of the “Order of British Columbia” 2005. Her Honour the Lieutenant Governor praised the outstanding contribution of Dr. Bains and other recipients of this highest award who attributed towards strengthening the province in a variety of exceptional ways. She said,”This year’s memorable class also boasts Dr. Raghbir Singh Baines whose reach extends across the great issues of our time to include an encyclopedic work on Sikhism and extend our shared understanding of the Sikh culture and religion that has been at home here in BC now for more than five generations”.

Former Lieutenant Governor Garde Gardom, the Awards Advisory Council, Official Party, other high ups and guests were also present at the occasion. In addition to the medal, members of the Order received a lapel pin and a Certificate of Appointment in the form of Letters Patent. Members are also granted the right to have the letters O.B.C. placed after their names.

The recipients were also invited at Government House for gala dinner by the British Columbia’s Lieutenant Governor. The dinner party was attended by Hon’ble Gordon Campbell the Premier of British Columbia, Hon’ble chief Justice Finch, Official party and spouses of the awards recipients. Speaking at the dinner party, the Lieutenant Governor praised Dr. Bains for writing the Encyclopaedia of Sikhism which benefited the Canadians to understand the social and cultural heritage of the Sikhs. Her Honor further said, “Our province welcomes each recipient to the distinction that their dedication merits as members of the Order of British Columbia.” Hon’ble Gordon Campbell, the Premier of B.C. thanked the recipients of the Order of British Columbia for making tireless efforts to build up the province.

The Order of British Columbia represents the highest form of recognition the province can extend to its select citizens. It was established by Statute on April 21, 1989, to recognize those persons who have served with the greatest distinction and excelled in any field of endeavour benefiting the people of the Province of British Columbia, the land of Canada or elsewhere in the world.

The Order of British Columbia awardees are carefully selected from public nominations by an independent Advisory Council chaired by British Columbia Chief Justice and seven advisory members.

The citation pronounced at the induction ceremony reads, “Dr. Raghbir Singh Bains emigrated to Canada in 1990, and has since worked tirelessly as a volunteer, community activist and educator for many organizations to promote cultural understanding and mutual respect. He has presented at seminars and conferences world-wide on the subjects of drugs and youth, AIDS awareness, environmental issues and world peace. He is author of the ‘Encyclopaedia of Sikhism’, an educational reference that covers Sikh religion, history, culture and heritage. Dr. Bains produced the ‘Multimedia Sikh Museum’ in India, the first of its kind in the world, using new technology to make it easily accessible and interactive for all. Dr. Bains has won over 60 local, national and

international awards for his volunteer work. He was declared Scholar of the 20th Century by the Government of Punjab, and awarded the Order of Khalsa. He has received the Bhai Gurdas

International Award from India, and Good Citizen of the Year Award from the City of Surrey. Dr. Bains was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee medal for outstanding community service”.

Dr Bains is an innovative and committed volunteer who toured dozens of countries in the world to spread the message of peace and universal prosperity. Although his stay in Canada is less than 15 years but he fully utilized the golden period of his life in service of the people of British Columbia with vigor and full commitment. He is campaigning vigorously against drugs, AIDS and prostitution. Because of his expertise in the field, he is in constant demand for youth camps and seminars everywhere and all the times in the world.

On receiving the top-notch kudos in a well organized ceremony Victoria, Dr. Bains paid zillions of thanks to his family, friends, community and the society at large for providing him opportunity to serve the global people especially the youth. He said, “Indeed it is a happy occasion for me and my family. I love this land and her people with a passion. It is my good luck that I have been blessed to serve the people of this marvelous land. I am delighted that some body was there to notice my work in the country of my dreams. It has added to my enthusiasm”. Dr. Bains further said, “Volunteerism will remain the sublimest activity in the rest of my life. I will make all the endeavors to make British Columbia a better place to live in”.

Dr. Bains is a worldwide known volunteer, prolific writer and a celebrated futurist. He is a well-known figure in literary and volunteer circles. His mission is to promote a fair society and to spread the message of universal peace, human prosperity, brotherhood, goodness, honesty and integrity depicted in the scriptures, literature, history, culture and heritage of the Sikh people. He is committed to strengthen the human roots by bridging the social and cultural gaps in the world. He has a rich experience of working on multiple jobs in India and Canada

Dr. Bains belongs to Manik Dheri village in Hoshiarpur district (Punjab). He is resident of Urban Estate Jalandhar and now settled in Surrey, B.C. (Canada). He is recipient of dozens of national and international awards, titles and medals including the Order of Khalsa, Panth Ratan (Gem of the nation), Sahitya Shiromani Vashesh, Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee Medal, Good Citizen of Surrey-Canada, Bhai Gurdas Award, Wisdom of Age Mentorship award, and many other honours. Recently, Nishan-e-Sikhi award was presented to Dr. Bains by Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti Jathedar Sri Akal Takht Sahib Amritsar, the highest spirituo-temporal throne of the Sikhs.

The Order of British Columbia is yet another jewel in the crown of his achievements. With the new investiture, Dr. Bains attained a unique niche in the world for himself and did the nation to be proud of him.

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