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humble appeal: please read


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Just think about this please. The author is talks about our life compared to our parents:

I wear the same bloody shirts every week, same trousers every day.

Why? To save money for my family, so they don't have to work as hard as they did back int he day. The generation above us didn’t get to where they are by sitting on their ass, they took abuse at work, people hurled abuse at them but they didn’t care, they worked their guts out. They had it harder than us, this is a walk in the park, Why the admin cut do we complain when we don’t have the right clothes or our clothes don’t match? What do we do? We buy more clothes to match the ones at home. You think our parents and grandparents gave a shit? You think they complained? NO, they got on with life and worked their bollocks off and bought up families and provided for them.

We have it too easy. We have inside toilets and hot showers. We have food that we throw away. I know people that were so hard up that they had to roll roti with a milk bottle and make it on a hot plate, people that to go to public baths once a week to have a good wash, people that had to struggle hard, really hard.

I get pissed off with people who have 6 million pairs of shoes, im not perfect im not saying every1 should do what I do, I have one pair shoes and 1 pair of trainers. I don’t NEED anymore shoes. ONE pair is too much. This computer is too much.

If anyone has free time they should try to work, not just for money…for food and a roof over their heads (yes that’s right food and a roof…not a BMW with 17 inch alloys). Work for your munn (mind), work to make sure you know the meaning of money, to make sure you know how many hours it takes to earn that computer, those shoes, those jeans and that car, to make sure you don’t get into the habit of being lazy and wasting time

Now im debating to go to gym or not.

Am I being lazy? Maybe


Bhul chuk maaf

Forgive me for any mistakes or offence

pls fwd

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The article seems to reflect a very Indian socialist perspective - putting an arbitrary line down between "luxuries" and "necessities" unilaterally from up above. It ties in so comfortably with popular prejudices about high and low, for instance the way low-quality foods and clothes (e.g. lentils and linen) are perceived to be somehow morally superior to high-quality foods and clothes (e.g. high-protein red meat and silk).

There's also the old chestnut of how kaum itself is somehow more significant than the money earned by it. Somehow it's considered both edifying and undignified to work! So some people say that they work as a form of bhagti offering to Waheguru, or that they work "disinterestedly" by reciting Naam secretly while at work. Truth is that people have unlimited wants and work to bring in the dough to help them meet as many of those wants as they can.

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