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Questions about All-Party Parliamentary Action Group (UK)

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Nicked from sikhsangat.com:

"In the picture below outside 10 Downing Street those shown from left to right are Adam Holloway MP, Sir Peter Soulsby MP, Mark Pritchard MP, Bhai Amrik Singh - Chair, Sikh Federation (UK), Dominic Grieve MP, John Austin MP (for Erith where the first Gurdwara was attacked following the terrorist atrocities last Thursday) and representives of the Sikh youth."

1) Who appointed the APPG members?

2) Whose idea was it (i.e. who consulted with who, to bring the APPG about)?

3) Who exactly do the "representatives of the Sikh youth" represent?

4) Do you enjoy being caricatured?

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Beware the sangat you keep!

I would rather associate with men of courage and honour than politicians.

I'm often guilty of being too subtle. I should make it clear that what I'm saying here is that the APPG was formed by the government in a hurry following the terrorist attacks so that it can exert control over the Sikh community, rather than help them. The terrorist attacks were the ideal excuse to do this, as they appeared to turn the Sikhs into victims needing, indeed begging for, government intervention and "protection". There is a broader plan in place (I call it "the battle for control of HEARTS and MINDS") to take control of all the "faith communities" by putting government-appointed stewards in charge. Their powers will be indirectly exerted through the race legislation and the forthcoming "incitement to religious hatred" laws. Very vaguely worded laws designed to catch everyone out, so you can always single out troublesome political opponents when you want/need to.

You don't need 'em. Protection is available from elsewhere. Make a deal with the devil and lose your own soul into the bargain.

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