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God Existence

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Ok heard this ?

Gurdwara Reetha Saheb ---

A gurdwara where we get reetha (used to make a soap) is given as a prasad which is very sweet but only there if u just touch it in ur mouth somewhere else u will start vomiting?

So howz only that place got Sweet REETHA --- god Power

Lakhanbajra -- Place in rohtak, india

Guru tegh bahadur ji visted her askd for curd but no one given him so he said if there is no now then there will be never & till date no curd in That place, PPL used to get curd from near place & eat it but u will get lot of lassi there bec u can preserve lassi more then clear curd

Gurdwara Jhoola Mahel

Gurdwara near Taran Taaran Amristar

It Is said to be that Guru Arjan dev ji saty here & when King is passing away from this place on his horses , elephants doing some dancing etc Like Mela. all sangat stand up & started watching this scenario, then Guru Ji said dont see them if there animals attracted u our Wall will do the same things & now There walls there U have to sit on them & one bhaiji will pray to god & he will Move the wall & u actually see wall moving I am also Posting a pic of ur clear vision (U can sit on the wall)

I will Try to Put More facts Later Hope to see more From others Memeber

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uhh sorry to break it to ya, but this is fake...and i have a video of this to prove it.

I was in india few years ago and visited Amritsar. On the way there we had stopped at this gurudwara, the granthi or the caretaker told us the usual sakhi . Then he proceded to tell us that we should sit on top of the wall face to the right, close our eyes and start doing jap. After a while, the wall obviously started to shake. There is crack in both of the big pillars on the side that makes the wall move. We clearly saw him shake the wall. Its a pity that they feel the need to do this.

Do not look for miracle to prove the existence of God. Your life is the true miracle and is enough to prove to a Bhagat of the Divine that God exists.

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