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Atamik Vichar part 2

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Atamik Vichar 2nd Part

souce: The Radiance of a Complete Journey to Akaal Purkh by Sant baba Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowaley.

Physical Actions:

1. Cleaning teeth with paste, powder or wooden brush

2. Bath

3. Posture

4. Travel in good causes (i.e.- congregation/sangat)

5. Obedient- serving the saints.

Vaachak Word:

1. Tongue or mouth actions: meditation of a mantra - a verse from Gurbani (Sikh scripture)

2. Remembrance of Naam.

3. Speaking truth.

4. Divine Music- singing of God's praise

5. Sweet speech

Psychological Actions:

1. Mercy - to comfort all living being through bodily, mental and monetary and speaking means- celibacy- to avoid sex and keeping away from women at length. Eight means to keep away from women's company i.e.-

1. Not to listen about women.

2. Not to think of women

3. Not to think about women

4. Not to remember her.

5. Not to talk to women in private.

6. Not to imagine about meeting women

7. Not to try to meet women

8. Not to meet them

By practicing these eight means one keep aways from sex and adapts celibacy -. Brahmcharya Var.

Prohibition of eight kinds of sexual activity, Brahmcharag- Celibacy is on opposite side. These are listening, simran (remembrance), Kirtan(music), thinking, Imagination and talk in private Neither to try to meet a woman nor meet her.

Cleansing of Mind

1. Mercy i.e. - to comfort all living beings through body, mind, wealth and word.

2. To be truthful (Sat bachan)

3. Celibacy: To avoid women's company.

4 Forbearance: To keep equanimity in comfort as well as pain.

5. To be contended.

6. Friendliness with all- sweet tongue

7. Good heartedness- To Consider all equal in spirit and give happiness to everyone.

8. Detachment from ignorant, discriminatory, debauch, worldly liars and foote.

9. Detachment from infatuation.

10. Meditation - Focusing of mind in God's nature.

11. Seclusion: Keeping aloof from others and meditating alone- keeping mind free of worries about past and future. Concentration in God's form.

12. Contemplating of philosophical texts that give intellect for distinguishing truth from lies, right form false in seclusion.

13. Congregation: To keep company with the truthful people with love, devotion and humility, to listen to their utterances, mediating upon them. Practicing such words as to unify own intellect with the word. To mingle intellect with the essence of holy men's words.

14. True concepts to keep concept and ideas true, pure, straight, forward, humble and possessed of righteous virtues. Renouncing material and evil temptations- adopting truthful qualities in order to follow and transform into the path of righteousness.

Nature and Temperament in true Guru's congregations:

1. Service: Surrender to Guru's word (bani) through body, mind and money.

2. Theistic tendency: To accept and obey the word as truth.

3.Humility- To Enjoy company of true Guru by shunning ego of family line, beauty, education, high class, youth physique and reputation.

4. Silence- In Guru's company to talk meaningful, deep silence and listen to Guru's sermon.

5. Not to be critical of Guru's actions.

6. Remembrance- remembering Guru's word.

7. To be attentive and alert in Guru's company and service.

8. To always speak sweet and be patient.

9. To hope for salvation. When I ll have my pains removed and obtain supreme bliss.

Temperament while studying divine texts.

1. Devotion- To keep faith in text's saying.

2. Concentration of Mind.

3. To in gain sayings in intelligence

4. Contemplation of texts in seclusion.

5. Affixing of mind in Shastras with love.

6. To be attentive and pay full attention to shastar's word. To avoid carelessness and sleep and keep words deep in deep.

Spiritual Meditation:

1. Keeping body in cross-legged posture.

2. Illuminated intellect- To distinguish between permanent and transistorizes to consider soul permanent and body impermanent.

3. Detachment- To renounce impermanent body.

4. Sam- Keeping away all non- spiritual objects.

5. Dam- To keep sense organs above carnal desires.

6. Adoptions: To Contemplate about spirit time and again.

7. Anhangrah: Thinking about self in terms of Godhead: I exist, I am, I am truth, Conscious, indivisible, flawless, indescribable Brahm, Surpreme reality.

8. Samadhi- Meditation: While so practicing mind gets merged with God, who is pure bliss, has no thought whatsoever, resides in unbreakable soul. This is true samadhi, and is the highest fruit of spiritual meditation.

Household life:

1. To live egoless and not to get entangled with material objects and feeling, no pride.

2. Non/Dis Possessiveness: Not to consider anything own.

3. To be detached from the charms of family life, objects and relatives.

4. Patience: Keeping poise during hard times of trouble, poverty, dishonor, and separation of dear ones.

5. Generosity- To help and serve with money the needy hermits, crippled, students, poor, learned ones, saints and religious persons. To share wealth with others. To be of big hearted, to donate money with our own hands and earn good name thereby.

6. Arayav- To keep conduct and deeds pure and taintless.

7. To be friendly with all- behaving towards relatives with tenderness.

8. To inspire children for gaining righteous knowledge. Telling the moral instructions.

9. Try to establish righteousness: True word, true oath, true determination and true actions.

10. Non violence: To comfort all living beings with sweet words, right mind and right action.

11. To keep cool- avoiding anger.

12. Detachment: To be free from worldly bonds of norms and attachment. Not sitting among the relatives. Spent time in seclusion and going to home. To keep family life smooth and happy.

13. Consideration: doing household chores with deep thinking.

14. Contentment: To keep sense organs under control- eating, touching, smelling, hearing and seeing including organs. To do with little rather than more. Minimizing desires as much as possible and feeling happy. Simple living, simple dress, subtle materials and rest as per circumstances.

Model Behavior:

1. To live righteously: To speak truth, to weight right, wrong, not to accept bribe.

2. Straight Forward: Not to do fraud, betrayal, back biting.

3. To do well to others by body, mind and wealth.

4. Seriousness: To be thoughtful and keeping equipoise.

5. Vision: To think over anything deeply and wisely.

6. Be Brief: To be short and meaningful in behavior.

7. To be punctual and dutiful in whatever to be done and go detached afterwards.

8. To be just: Not to get involved in something with selfishness, practicing as mentioned above, one can attain to God in life span with patience. Stability and helping others are suggested in achieving spiritual goal. As long as one is alive, he ought to behave in above mentioned manner and should enjoy the ecstatic happiness of liberation.

Nature of Mind-

Shastras have various descriptions of mind. It is composed of fine tendencies.

1. Paran Biparjai "Illusory knowledge"

2. Vikalp (imagination)

3. Sleep

4. Memory

5. Consciousness- Yoga is bringing them under control.

Control of Mind's Tendencies: A wise man gives five phase of mind.

1. Kashipat. 2. Bakshapat 3. Without intellect 4. Concentration. 5. Control.

Some say mind is imaginative in nature. Everybody is right relatively. If thought and imagination are the essential features the mind itself is the same. Now the question is how to control thought process and by what easy way. For this one has to know fully as to who is responsible for repeated thoughts streams and disinclination for efforts to control them. Moreover, defects while applying remedies needs be understood also.

Nine disturbances:

Illness, aggressiveness doubt, sexual desire, futile pursuit, sluggishness, absence of detachment, illusion, non availability of consciousness, fleecing nature of mind are accompanied by pain, illness, movement of body, organs, breathing six of them are important. Accumulates Karmas of previous birth and their effects give rise to stream of thoughts. Similarly bad habits, temptations for vices causes disinterestedness for employing remedial techniques. Likewise hordes of sins in previous births produce doubt and faithlessness. In order to kill temptations, one need to contemplate about the temporariness of material things and the resultant pain and misery by indulging in them. This way, disaffection takes over. Renunciation of material comforts paves the way of destructive of previous births, karmas and total annihilation of accumulation karmas and sins is possible with remembrance of God's name and serving the man kind. Enjoying congregations with holy men and reading of shastra, help in total demolition of bad habits, doubt, illusion and faithlessness. No doubt, mind is very mercurial and hard to come under control but practice as disenchantment serves the purpose.

Mind is controlled by practice and disenchantment. Kapil Dev also says the same thing:

"Free your mind of waves of thoughts by whatever means possible, either by adoration, by Yoga or by knowledge"

It is clear from as stated above that only practice and disenchantment are the means of mind's control. Therefore they ought to be understood well. All objects containing tri-attributes and their desires and temptations and must be shunned away. This disenchantment of Tatar Sathio Yatne Abhiasa Practice involves actions to be done to stay in God. Practice done for long time has strong foundation Mercurial mind commonly respect-fully controlled by stopping it going to tempting objects of the world and affixing it into God. Remembrance of God's Naam and Nature brings about stability in mind and destroys all obstacles (Ishwar Parami Dhanatva) Mind's tendencies are restricted by God's devotion.

It ought to be repeated and God's form be contemplated by which all difficulties go away and soul is realized. God is traceable and available for those who meditate on his Naam with single mindedness. Therefore God's Naam be remembered. His form be contemplated continuously and without desires.

Elevations to spiritual stages:

1. Try to indulge mind, where it may be in God, This is the easy and light way to control mental tendencies. God is omnipresent by comprehending his loving nature by love and devotion they are also disciplined.

2. By concentrating on Guru's face/image, feeling this love and mercy like bumble bee of flowers, mind is disciplined.

3. In dawn by watching sun with closed eyes, one feels huge disc of light thinking about God's light multi times brighter and every where in space, one can feel the presence of Almighty. This way by forgetting material and comprehending spiritual being instead, mind gets stable.

4. By knowing spiritual people's lives, stories and achievements, one can attain to the similar sensation of detachment. This is easy path to get mind's concentration.

5. There is one vein- Sukhmana. God of supreme bliss resides there, God who is pure knowledge and Bliss. That vein (artery) is connected to all veins and arteries of body. All of them stop functioning with Sukhmana's closure. It beats at 75, 80 per minute rate. By repeating oankar with every beat, faculties are disciplined leading to God realization. It is harder though but it is achievable if one practices in seclusion, noiseless place. Mind free of disturbance and worry is in stable condition which is obtained by focusing in Sukhmana.

6. Tune your attention into listening to unstuck melodies within by sitting in secluded, undistributed place and inserting fingers in both ears. First there will be Jargon of voices, noises will take on clock's ticking at 75, 80 beats per minute. Mind set accordingly brings tendencies under feeling supreme bliss. It seems hard in beginning but it is easier to practice in midnight or early in the morning.

7. Like a bumble bee mental tendencies get fixed in God.

8. Faith and dedication in Sargun saroop also brings tendencies under control Abhi mat Dhianva..

9. Meditating upon Oankar with inhaling or exhaling control's mind.

10. In a sacred, secluded place in comfortable posture, closing eyes and concentrating mind in Almighty. The supreme bliss by forgetting body and it's existence. By practicing detachment tree of the world is fallen. One must beware of physical faculties that cause sleep and sluggishness. Only meditating upon God the bliss could stop this weakness.

11. With illuminated intellect by understanding Sam, Dam and Dand or bhed. God can be realized.

12. Treating mind like friend is saam, tempting with money- Dam, by creating fear- Dand and by creating division among freinds and relatives to achieve self goal is Bhed. Worldly pleasure can be divided and thus weakened help realize highest goals.

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