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i just finished reading the da vinci code, a few months ago i watched a documetnary on it...i was still reading the book at that point(yes i admit..it took me years to finish the book...)..anyway...wat struck me as odd after watching the documentary was why they kept on questioning is jesus was married with mary magdelene(i hope i spelt it right)...if he was married to her...so what??..does that give us the right to question him as the son of god..does that make him less important...does that make his suffering less painful??..

now the question comes...why me..as a sikh..why am i raising this question...??...well the answer is simple...i know for sure God is one, jesus,prophet muhamad,buddha,and even our gurus are in one way or the other messengers of Him..and i respect those who have been his messengers...we come from him..we go back to him...i will not look down on,taunt or ignore them, because they come from him...ignoring even one of them would mean i am disrespecting him...but one thing for sure..i bow only to guru granth sahib ji...there's a reason he made me born into a sikh family...so i'm going to stay this way and be the best i can be...

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