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Heer Ranjha


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SSA Veero te bheno

I just want to know that Heer Ranjha Love story is actually exist all it's just mythological

Heer Ranjha story was first written by Damoder (caste Gulati) who run his general store in Pakistan he is the first one to write this story

& then it was waris shah who has wirtten it from inspiring from his own life bec ause his real life story was similar to this.

After searhing for peace he goes from one village to another at one village she got in love with one girl but when villagers come to know about this he was thrown out of village after many year still going here & there she met that same girl but she was married then she inpired her to write this story

Even In Guru Granth sahib ji we get a line on heer ranjha WRITE ?

So can anybosy tll me if it real story is there any thing to prove or it just use for Singing Bhangra Songs


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I think that the epic is fictional. I did read somewhere that Guru Gobind Singh ji referred to the story in the Dasam Granth however I am not certain in what context. I could be wrong maybe others more knowledgeable and can shed some more light on this. Also years ago I was listening the katha and the learned Singh commented on the issue stating “true Heer and Ranja died for one another, because of the deep love and devotion they had for each other†“However they only lived for each other and were totally detached from everything else†attachment being the issue. There are others also you ended up in a very similar situation to name a few Mirza & Sahiba, Susi & Punu, Soni Mehwal etc. In all they have a place in our diverse culture and legend.

I believe Chumkila in one of his songs sums up today’s Heers and Ranjas.

“ Lak Ranje thurge ne, hajar areaka-thia Heeraâ€

“ Thousands of Ranje have walked away, Thousands of Heera still await for themâ€

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Heer Ranjha by Warris Shah :-

The scene for this incident is laid out in Takht Hazara. Here Ranjha’s Jatt tribe rules the land. Most prominent of them was Manju Ranjha, the father of Ranjha (the hero of this story). He was very powerful Chaudhry (landlord). He had 4 sons and Ranjha was the eldest of them all. Therefore he was probably spoiled. All the 4 bothers were tough and well built. All the women in the village were madly in love with Ranjha. When Manju died, the wrath of Ranjha’s sister in laws fell upon him. He was taunted on daily basis by his sister-in-law called Sassi. There was distribution of wealth left behind by his father. He got the worst pick. Thus the evil actions of his brothers and their wives force him to leave the village out of sheer disgust and revulsions.

He sets out in search of Heer who lives in Jhung. Heer’s father is the chief of Jhung. On his way to Jhung, Ranjha has to stop over in a village mosque where he has a hot exchange of words with the Maulvi of the mosque. Because of Ranjha’s appearance maulvi calls him a kaafir and forbids him to stay a night at the mosque. What follows is another master piece of Warris Shah. A controversy starts and submitting to the Public pressure, the Maulvi is forced to allow Ranjha to stay at the Mosque for the night.

Next day Ranjha leaves for Jhung. He comes to the banks of Jhanan (Chenab) where he is helped by Luddan, a boatman, to cross the river. Here Ranjha meets Heer. She is a goddess of exquisite beauty. She is portrayed as an ultimate woman a man can ever dream of. She confronts Ranjha at the banks of the river and falls in love with him at the first sight. Heer makes sure that Ranjha stays close to her all the time. She convinces her father to give Ranjha a job. Ranjha is hired as a herd-boy. For quite some time they both indulge in love-making in seclusion. But, their happiness is short lived as one of Heer’s uncle finds out Heer’s involvement with Ranjha. This is reported to Heer’s father who decides to get Heer married off soon. Chuchak(Heer’s father) quickly gets Heer engaged to a nearby landlord of village Rangpur. Heer is sent to her in-laws forcibly. Before this happens, Ranjha, in dismay, harkens to the proverbial Five Peers (Divines) who offer Ranjha full solace and after they have listened to his marvelous flute-playing classical tunes, generously bestow Heer, the peasant girl, upon the youth. Fortified in faith, thus convinced of their ultimate good luck, the two lovers give up the design to elope and decide to face the situation with growing resolution. It is Heer who suggests this course of action to Ranjha. Although Heer tries her best not to say yes to Mulla’s query whether she agrees to the marriage with Khera, she is forced into it despite her wails and screaming protests.

Ranjha now proceeds toward Rangpur, where his beloved lives with her new husband.


This line means that, Ranjha got his ears pierced and started wearing earrings. This was typical of Hindu jogis (sadhus). Ranjha also discards his flute. This shows the power of love. Love is not bound in any religious domains. This is a typical example of how a love torn Muslim got converted into a Hindu yogi and started wearing begging-saints garb. He was accepted By Baba Bal Nath as his Shaagird (disciple). A series of piquant scenes take place at the doorstep of Heer. Somehow Ranjha is able to convince Heer’s sister-in-law to help him elope with Heer. Sati (Heer's sister-in-law), too makes a successful attempt in running away with her lover. Kheras start on a hot pursuit of Ranjha and Heer. The capture both of them and are brought to the court of Chief Adli Raja. The judge favors the Kheras and Heer is sent back to her in-laws.

But, at this juncture God comes to the help of the lovers. Suddenly the city catches fire. The earlier verdict is reverted. Ranjha leaves for his home to set up a date for the nikaah.

But, while he is gone, a conspiracy is hatched to kill Heer. When the news of death reaches Ranjha he consumes poison and falls to the martyr to love.

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I know there are lots of Songs on Love legends & dont have to tell anyone everyone knows them but all the songs lyrics ar not from real life story so at the end wouls u say that They exist in real world or not ?

& what about other love legends like laila Majnu, Romeo Juliet, Sassi Punnu, mirza sahib

& one i want to ask why all love story got sad ending?

That put something in my mind that they why all get sad ending That in those dayz LOVE Is so bad

what time Peroid of heer ranjha story anybody know if it is real

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