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Sarbloh Jatha


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SSA Bahenji & Veerji,

I need help of al of u on one topic,

Actually sade gurudwara Vich AFter 2 sundays Sablolh jatha aaounda haiga, They Prepare Langar themselves bring there Own Material, U can't do anything the say they r Pure so that they dont want anyone In prepartion of Langar, & more If they found anyone they will start asking question from Person if anybody roaming there, and try emabaressed them saying that u dont know much about sikhism.

U tell me is there any Person In this world who got 100 % knowlege on sikhism u alwayz in learning age in sikhism u get new info everytime.

So i want few Answere from your side which can make me comfortable standing in front of them, What Should i say to them Which Will make them feel that the question u r asking dont even known by 60 + person how could i 23 yrs will get everty info.

SO Plz tell me few question That i will ask them so that thery can't embrass other peole showing that they are real bhagats


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