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Question for Shaster Experts Re: Bank


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Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !

Could anyone with knowledge of Shasters / Weapons please explain how a 'Bank' is used. Is a 'bank' a 'dagger' type weapon or a larger 'sword' type ? How is it used in battle? - is it 'double edged ie. is the curve sharp on both sides ? - 'Bank' in punjabi also means 'Vice' as used by a metal worker or artisan - does this have any bearing on its use ?

I would be grateful if anyone could share their knowledge

Many Thanks !!

I am including some pictures -

This picture is of the 'bank' most people have seen - a small shaster kept in the 'dumalla' - as part of the Dumalley de Shaster


A folding 'bank' displayed by Nidar Singh


*from Shastarvidiya - Indian Martial Arts - Krishna Godhania - Martial Arts Illustrated Sept 2004

2 examples of 'Banks'


The Reference to 'Bank' in The Shastar Nam Mala - Dasm Granth Sahib


* from Dashmesh Bani Darpan - Harjinder Singh Kanwal - 2002

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From what I have heard from Shastar Vidiya classes,(2nd picture from Magazinwe) the bank, is used to cut off chail mail, from the shoulder, ad pierce through the shoulder/ also where the elephants used to be used with their saddles it is affective to cut the straps off to dismount the rider

Any one else on this?

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The way I'v been taught is to basically use it for lacerations, cupping limbs( wrist, forarm, neck et al) within range.

i find it favourable using it for horizonatal blows to a limit of + and - 30 degree strikes towards the stomach region,

But the way i have seen Ustad Niddar Singh Use it is at a Higher level, to actaully understand the movements one has too record the movments on camera

and then watch it on slow play to catch all the moves.

for more indepth info contact Ustad Niddar Singh, or Akaal Arms...they will definatly know the full use of this particular shaster.

you can also try asking krishna...as this particular weapon is used in south asia amongest escrima, kali, serak, and sayoc fighters.

Hope that helps.

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the first picture displayed with teh blue backround i believe can be a very usefull weapon. It is kept in the kamarkasa and is able to when held in palm of the hand with the thumb and point finger directing the blade remove nerve endings, marams, and in the past, often times you would find that small type of shastar on women.

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