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TV show for all the "DuleepSingh-o-Philes'


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TV programme for all you 'DuleepSingh-o-philes !!

Inside Out with Sumit Bose on BBC 1 London -7.30 tonight (Mon 12 sept 05)



Gurinder Chadha & Peter Bance


Gurinder (Bend it like Beckham) Chadha has been researching Maharaja Duleep Singh's life for 4 years & has plans to make a "Major Film" on his life - claiming he was the first 'British Asian' - Should be worth a look - even if it's just to get a look at Peter Bance's extensive collection !

The programme is shown only on BBC 1 London - but if you've got Sky or some Cable you can watch it if you look for the London / SouthEast England version of BBC 1 in your channel line up - I think it's Channel 944 on Sky but not sure cos I 've got Cable not Sky ! (yes I am a Pindu !)

Before anyone gets upset - I am one of those 'DuleepSingh- o- Philes' - I blame my Dad - We don't live too far from Thetford so many a weekend we would go to visit the 'Samadh' ( grave and House ) - especially if we had relatives from India - A weekend usually involved going to the Tower of London to see the Kohinoor and Royal armouries (now in Leeds) The V&A to see Ranjit Singh's Throne . Then Off to Cambridge (Punjabis - at least our relatives have an obssesion with the Uni !) and then Elveden / Thetford. After the novelty of the first few visits wore off - I was more interested in the 'Red Arrows' flying display team which were usually having a fly past or AirShow at RAF Duxford !! - well I was really little at the time !!

But hey my Mum & Dad gave me a lifelong interest in Sikhi & Sikh Heritage - all from some trips and buying me books - not bad eh?

As Amandeep Madra Bhai Sahib has said in his posts BUY BOOKS !! - give them as presents ! -- I have a friend who always says that he is not buying books for himself - but for his children and their children - They may not have an interest now but you never know - on a rainy day they may discover those books and discover their heritage ! If you are surrounded by something and by people who value and love something it is bound to 'Rub Off' onto you !

Any way!! here endeth the lesson !! - watch the show ! - and post your opinion of it !!

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