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Sikhs in Journalism - Mentoring Scheme!


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What is "Sikhs In Journalism"?

"Sikhs In Journalism" (SIJ) is a new mentoring scheme for students from the Sikh community. The objective of the scheme is to encourage Sikh students to actively explore careers in journalism and print media. Careers to which Sikhs have traditionally not taken to in the UK!

Successful applicants to the scheme will:

- Attend a series of one-day workshops and field visits through the year.

- Research and write a variety of articles inorder to develop their potfolio.

- Be given feedback and critique of their articles.

- Gain hands on experience of the research and editing process.

- Have access to some of the most talented journalists and writers within the industry.

The SIJ mentors are some of the most talented in the industry and have worked with or are currently working for companies such as the BBC, FT, Vogue and The Sunday Times.

So if you are a budding journalist or just interested in writing or current affairs, then SIJ could be just the thing to give you a head start into this highly competitive sector.

If you would like to find out more and to apply visit: www.sikhstudent.net

"Sikhs in Journalism" is a LINKS mentoring Project.


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Also for any budding journalists at uni etc get involved in the media societies at your unis. I used to write for london student on current affairs and it was really good fun even though i never did follow the journalism career route. Its a way of getting more experience and builidng your portfolio. It was also a good stepping stone had i wished to go into the field later. Lets see some more sikh editors and producers!

I mean real sikhs, not gurpreet bhatti part II.

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