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40 mukte

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SSa Ji I want to know one thing which is going in my mind from many days,

I have read in many books & seen in the movie "mangal dhillon" - Khalsa

that when guru gobind singh Ji was under house aresst OR i mean when aurengzeb with phadi raja has put there forces around keshgarh sahib so that no food can go inside that place few of the sikhs bec. of hunger leaves guru gobind singh by giving his written application that they are not sikh & not belong to sikhism & they go out from keshagarh sahib & they came back in mukstar & fight for sikhism & become 40 mukte?

But the things come in to my mind is that who can they go out when all the muslims & raja forces have put there solier in front of keshgarh sahib so that nothing can go insisde & no one can come outside, even we know that when guru gobind singh come out they attack him?

So how can those sikhs who go outide havent been killed , don't tell me that they taken one peice of paper that they are not sikh so don't kill them & they travel One side of punjab to other side & no body can do anything to him.

So u still beleive that the 40 mukte who got shaheedi in muktsar are the same who leave them earleir


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yaar actually if u seen mangal dhillon Khalsa movie u will get it what i want to say

par gal ah si ki aurangzeb ate hor rajiya ne sochiya ki je andar rashan "FOOD" nahi jayega te babajee apne aap haar man jounga so ais karke ohna ne kille nu gher liya taki na kujh andar jaa sake na kujh bahar aa sake ?

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Dear mehargags Ji,

Not just a fort, but whole of the city of Sri Anandpur Sahib was besieged. It was not so difficult to escape from the city even during besiege. It is written on the soil of Sri Anandpur sahib's area, where Guru Gobind Singh Ji met whom (during a battle). Remember historic Gurdwara in Noorpur Bedi. It is several miles away from 'Aad Singhaasan Damdama' (Takht Damdama, Sri Anandpur Sahib). All this area was like a battlefield. It is not hard to escape from such a large area. Bhai Zorawar Singh Ji(carpenter) could manage to come safely out of battle of Sri Chamkaur Sahib.

Unfortunately, our brothers/sisters visit Sri Anandpur Sahib, but almost all of them never try to know the history. More and more Gurdwaras are being built in the city, but there is no person available, who can satisfy curiousity of a person like you.

How many of us do know what exactly happened, when Guru Ji left the holy city in 1705 AD? Who was supposed to tell all this to us? Did we ever try to know such facts? Are we able to tell such points to our next generations?

I instigated one of my students to prepare a CD to highlight the history of Sri Anandpur Sahib Ji in details. He got ready, but now he is busy in making money. :D . He cannot spare time for such 'time waste'. :P

You are in India, so next time you plan to visit Sri Anandpur Sahib Ji, contact me; and I will try to accompany you to the holy city. I will try my best to tell what happened and how. We go to Sri Anandpur Sahib Ji on moterbikes from Chandigarh every year during Hola Mahalla. You are most welcome if you join us next time.

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I am in Chandigarh area (Mohali).

I will try to give details when we go to Sri Anandpur Sahib Ji.

It is true that the royal armies attacked Sikhs when they left the holy city, but it does not mean that they attacked when Sikhs were still in the city. In fact, Sikhs had gone out of city, when they were attacked. Bhai Udai Singh Ji Shaheed were deployed to stop the royal armies; and this place was 'shaahi tibbi', which is a few miles away from Sri Anandpur Sahib Ji.

From this, you can understand that the royal armies were deployed far from the outer part of the city. They dug 'Morchas' near city, but their camps were far away.

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