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~Tamo, Rajo and Satto Gunn~

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One day, three Sikhs came to see Guru Nanak Dev Ji at Kartarpur. Their names were Rama, Didi and Saigal. They sat silently for some time and then one of them asked Guru Ji the following question.

What is the difference between Tamo gunn, Rajo gunn, Satto gunn and Bhagti marag?

A Sikh is one who seeks to learn, and Guru Ji teaches such a person the proper way: Not to talk bad about others and not to listen to gossip about others. How difficult is this ? Spend time not in fruitless deeds such as stealing etc. Stay away from the influence of bad people. The mind should not be allowed to stray towards the path of evil deeds. These activities come under Tamo gunn. If one meets a puran purash ( a knower of tat or truth), who is one in crores (millions), listen to his teachings. Listen and speak only the greatness of Waheguru. Speak not lies with the tongue ( a very difficult form of tapasya). In one's praises of God, consider God as present himself. In the flower is present its fragrance, but it is invisible to the naked eye.

Perform sewa or service; donate to charity or do other charitable deeds. These are hands and legs of tapasya and are called Rajsee tapasya.

What is Satto tapasya?

Satto tapasya is when a person listens to Gurbani without signs of inattentiveness, that is, in one-pointed concentration, and also performs good deeds. The mind is always restless and it inherently tries to stray. God has made it such. The Gutka (prayer book) is always in the hand but the mind keeps wandering; it goes wherever it pleases. Guru Ji says that, when you realize that the mind has strayed away and the Gutka has been left behind in the hand, then, endeavor to lead it (the mind) back to Gurbani. The mind is illiterate. Do not talk about knowledge acquired from a university or college. True knowledge or Brahmgyan has to be gained from Gurbani. When one is aware that the mind has strayed away, catch it, bring it back and make it concentrate again, and again. It will eventually get tired of running here and there and will stay attached to Gurbani. Then this is the moment of the beginning of the end to the cycle of births and deaths.

This bachan (order) canot be bought or exchanged for pearls and gems in the bazaar. Vairaag and Naam Abhiyas are two wings which are used to fly to the kingdom of God. We tend to regard the physical body as ours, but no ! Our real form is 'Nij saroop', which is inside; it is separated by a veil of falsehood.

Kivv sachiara kivv kooraae tutaae paal ||

How can this wall of falsehood be broken?

(Sri Guru Granth Saheb Ji, Angg 1)

Who will break the wall of falsehood ? Where does one go to search for a friend who will help one out ? It is very difficult to find such a friend. True Sikhs therefore seeks the answers from Guru Ji. We can call them such, as they come to the Guru for Light. In the beginning there is the seed; ultimately these seeds will one day begin to bear fruit.

hukam rajaee chalna Nanak likhia naal ||

By submittimg, O' Nanak, to the Hukum (Command) of the Lord of all destiny.

(Sri Guru Granth Saheb Ji, Angg 1)

Baba Farid was a highly spiritual saint, a bhagat, a puran purash or complete human being. His disciples aggregated one and a quarter lakhs. He went all over the country in search of a puran or complete saint who could impart to him the darshan of the Lord. His search finally brought him to a puran fakir (saint).

The fakir os seeing Baba Farid Ji asked him why he was wandering aimlessly. The person, for whom you are wandering around in search of, is in you. Baba Farid Ji then replied, "If He is in me, I cannot see Him." The fakir then told Baba Farid Ji that he was truly in need of a Guru. Baba Farid Ji replied, "All right, I shall become your disciple."

The fakir then told Baba Farid Ji that his first duty as a disciple will be to wake up after midnight, fetch hot water for him and to give him his early morning bath. The fakir asaid that other chores will be given to Baba Farid Ji later; if he could perform this initial job satisfactorily.

Farid Ji started serving his Guru Ji with all his heart and the day came for his final test. One day there was no fire in the house and Farid Ji had to heat water for his Guru Ji's early morning bath. He went to get some sticks of fire. He could see some fire burning in someone's house. It belonged to a woman of low moral values. Previously, Farid Ji used to pass by her house with hatred and disrespect. When, he asked for a stick of fire, the woman decided to take revenge against Farid Ji. She told him that the price of a stick of fire was - one of his eyes. Farid Ji did not hesitate. He borrowed a knife from her and took out one of his eyes and placed it on her hand.

He took the stick of fire and went back. His Guru Ji looked at his blood stained eye and told him that he had passed the final test and could now have the darshan of the Lord. Farid Ji became a puran saint after that incident.

Taken from the book, " Divine Mystic Reflections on Gurmat" - Talks and dialogues - Book 2

Saint Scholar Naranjan Singh Ji (Shiromani Kathakar)

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Some Sikhs from Sultanpur came to meet Sri Satguru jee (Fifth Master). They informed him that they had became Sikhs during the times of Sri Satguru jee (Third Master). They said that they follow his instructions, but they have not yet attained peace of mind. Sri Satguru jee (Fifth Master) gave them updesh about Sato, Rajo and Tamo gun. These passages are from Sri Sooraj Prakash Granth.

Please start listening after 50:00 min:



Bhul chuk maaf

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