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Madhu Rai sindhia(late fiance minister) reborn as young boy!


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This is a must read news. Madhu Rai sindhia who was late fiance minister of india got reborn as a young boy. Mr Sinha was great minister and very good man. He was philanthropists as well. He died in helicopter plane crash 3 1/2 years ago..right after 3 1/2 years..this is 3 1/2 year old boy comes forward and told his parents that i m sindhia and gives all information about his previous life.. This news is in hindi...can anyone please translate it for the sangat..that be great.


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I think his name was Madhav Rao Scindhia. He was head of the Gwalior royal family.

There was a simlar story on Star news on friday where a young boy claimed he was the rebirth of a murdered man. Everything was going great until they started questioning the boy. His gran who was sat with him was openly whispering the answers to him. The interviewer told her to stop telling the boy the answers but she still persisted.

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Here is a translations from sikhportal.com (Thanks to this penj who took her to translate this story).

As soon as he started to speak, he said “I am Madho Rao Scindia. And my son is called Jyotira”, and with this started to spread the news of re-birth of Late Madho Rao Scindia in the village. People started to make note of all his actions in reference to “Scindhiaji”.

This child, who proclaims himself to be Madho Rai Schindia, was born in the district of Shivpuri (Kolaras tehseel, and village Korya) and is aged about 3 years. Ashish, very innocently, makes others realize of him being madho Rai Scindia, and also recounts many important incidents from the late minister’s life.

The first child born in to dharmendra and Anita was a baby boy. The birth of this child got his parents many lucky dreams and indications of auspicious moments. Members of the family tell that this child is very lucky for them. Father Dharmendra says right after the birth of the child his financial position started improving. He bought a tractor and the crops also grew good. Similarly, Ginnibai, the grandmother (maternal) says, after his birth, she obtained a lot of property. A water pump was dug in the farms. There are multiple crops growing now. Greenery all over. Seems like this baby is angel sent into our family by God himself.

The daily-routine of this boy is entirely religious as well. Aashish wakes up at 4:00 AM. He wakes his grandmother up too and insists on her bathing him. After bathing, he goes to the Gods/deities(devta) and prays in front of them with incense, like a priest. He bows/surrenders him self to at the feet of the Gods/deities. He doesn't eat or drink with out taking a shower. Regardless of being so young, he has immense maturity and instead of playing with children his age, he stays at home most of the times. Aashish loves his younger brother Lalloo (RajKumar) just like a father does to his son.

The beloved of his grandfather, Sirnaam, when this boy turned one, he couldn't speak, but he would look up at the sky pointing four fingers towards it and would fall on the ground. His parents used to get suspicious. They used to think whether or not he is epileptic. That's why he was shown to some (baba) as well, but when he started talking he started giving voice to his actions and he stuttered : "I am Scindia. My son;s name is Jyotira. I live in Delhi, Bombay and Gwalior and i have a lot of money." Aashish says that he has a queen as well, but his mother Anita says when his queens name is asked, she doesn't know what he answers. Grandfather Sirnam Puri tells, the boy mentions his sisters often and names Usha very clearly and says the name of his two other sisters are Yanti and Banti. He says to his mother that his house is like glass and he has a lot of gold and silver.

Take me to my son Jyotira in Delhi. One day his father kept a picture of Late Mr. Madhav Rao Scindia in fron of him and he suddenly said: "That's me!". After getting information of this boy, when the team of "Nayee Duniyaa" went 55 Kms far to Village Kaarya, which is in Kolaras district, Aashish was busy talking to his grandmother, working at the farm.

When the team of "Nayee Duniyaa" asked the boy his name, he suddenly replied: "I am Scindia". Second question was, what is your son's name ?, he thought for a moment and then replied, Jyotira. What happened with you ?, when asked this, he said- "We were in the helicopter, and suddenly it fell in a wheat farm. When asked how many people were there, he says five. But his father Dharmendra says, when he use to talk in sign language he use to show four fingers. Dharmendra says, he started talking about Scindia and his palace as soon as he could speak. We got very scared and tried for him to forget it. Did some black magic as well. He has not forgotten anything but the memories of his re-birth that he had fourth months ago, are fainting away slightly. As per Dharmendra, since he is now eating "jootha" of every one else, he talks about that less unlike earlier, when he was very open about it and insisted on them taking him to Delhi, so that he could meet his family. The villagers of Kaarya, who are 3000 in number, also confirm the fact about this re-birth. Forest security Mr. Rameshchand Sharma, Digvijay Singh Rajput and Ramnivas Bhargav say that according to the boy, he was fell from the top; they don't think he is faking it or has been taught this by someone else.

A quarter to three-three years old innocent Aashish says he is Madhav Rao Scindia. He says his son is Jyotiraditya and his sisters are Yanti and Banti.

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