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i feel so far but yea that article was rite i need to stop 'forcing' myself towards God it can only be done through his grace and kirpa! i still love him but rite now i have this yearning to jus talk to him i feel like crying cos i 'feel' distnat from him...my heart truly aches for him i miss him so much n i dnt knw why i am feeling like this! i have this yearning for him n i jus want to embrace him but i feel as if i cant...im not good nuff...i sed to mum yesterday mera man nehi lagda...i dnt knw why...she said u used to always have simran on in ur room...u ned to do simran n myabe she is rite...then i think wat if God dnt wanna knw me no more...yes i am soooo stupid! i knw...i dnt knw: so many feelings so much love so much yearning for Waheguru! wish i cud jus sit and talk to him...

was just emailing a mate of mine and jus end up admitting all these feelings about Waheguru...has any 1 else expereinced this and what can i do? maybe its jus a phase but i have been feeling it for some time ....

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