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Khalsaji you must never forget

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

Saw this poem, how can we forget? How can we allow the world to forget?

Gur Fateh

Sukhbir Singh

-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If THAT is History, so are we!

By Kulpreet Kaur

Sunday, June 08, 2003 - 09:45 AM GMT+5:30

Numerous articles, news pieces and comments are posted on this site,

We have all been so eloquent about our dislikes and likes.

And yet, it's a surprise that TODAY none of us had time, To express pride in remembering those, who died painfully, without fault, without crime.

Nineteen years ago, a war was fought,The warriors who fought, gave up a lot.

Nineteen years ago, hundreds of families were eliminated,Old people were burnt and young children terminated.

Nineteen years ago, men declared they wanted sovereignty and put their words to action,

They no longer wanted to stand the anguish, dishonor, broken promises and vexation.

Nineteen years ago, a girl was pushed down and violated,

Even her torn, naked, bloody body was left lying around, and she wasn't cremated.

Nineteen years ago, a boy who had not yet sprouted beard,

Was thrashed senseless, till his screams could no longer be heard.

Nineteen years ago, two aging grandparents' hands were tied behind their backs,

The place that had been their sanctuary for all these years was now under ATTACK!

Nineteen years ago, a young son saw his father being slapped while the soldiers puffed smoke and laughed in his face,

He would grow up to always remember that disgrace….

Nineteen years ago, soldiers' boots left bloody marks where we wouldn't even dream of walking with shoes,

But they didn't give a damn, the "Operation" was their excuse.

Nineteen years ago, people were slaughtered like animals without a the bat of an eyelid,

The more each government puppet killed, the more splendid!

Nineteen years ago, water that sunlight had always bounced off merrily, was made murky red,Here was an arm, there a foot, here a battered body, there a torn off head.

Nineteen years ago, we were attacked under a military plan,

--A plan to crush our brave men and remove every trace of our clan.

Nineteen years ago, we got scared, and began living under fear,

Close your eyes, you'll feel the pain, hear the screams and nineteen years will seem very near.

Today, all we talked about is political parties doing their thing,

Instead of about why those sacrifices, did not their color bring!

We are so absorbed that we forgot to show,

That we care, we feel, we KNOW!

I'm sure none of us have forgotten, (at least I hope that is not true),

I'm sure what I'm talking of, is for you, nothing new!

For no one can forget when their family is molested and murdered,

No one can forget when their most sacred place of congregation is plundered.

Are we going to talk about this something that happened loooooooong ago,

Or are we going to show,

That we Remember, and that too with each waking breath,

How we are continuously considered a threat!

We need to salute those martyrs, who laid lives for you and me,

We need to sit down our children and talk about "Today", so that they also see,

Where they come from, and how far they must go, to bring us back to our High,

They will look at us Today and determine, whether the flag of the Khalsa will continue to Fly!

This article was written late evening Friday June 06, 2003 in despair that the community seems to so easily have forgotten, or is choosing to ignore, the events of 1984. Others expressed similar disappointment via email.

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