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i've seen many very interesting and even inspiring pictures of Akali Nihungs; some that are ancient and many quite modern.

however, given that chatka/sukkha seem so central to the Buddha Dal Akali Nihung a.k.a Tat Khalsa rehat, its strange that i haven't come across any ancient sketches, paintings etc. then again, i can't say that iv'e been really looking...

you'd think that aside from their wonderful uniforms, chakkars, shasters, horses, camps etc. they would have also produced pictorial records and representations of these two 'fundamental' practices...

Paaji Narsingha, are there any pictures out there...if not, why do you think that there aren't?

also, please tell us about the earliest first-hand eyewitness references to these practises from a historical text (NOT based upon Akali Nihung 'oral history', contemporary interview transcripts or Scriptures etc.).

this is because i would like to see the words of a writer who spent time with them or came in contact with them for atleast a short period...do such words exist and again most importantly, just how 'early' are they?

thanks in advance.


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yup, there are old paintings/sketches and pics of shaheedi degh and chatka...they will be revealed all in good time. Most of them will be making an appearance on www.nihang.com


...as for quotes, there are plenty of non-Sikh quotes provided on both www.shastarvidiya.org and www.sarbloh.info.

Also, have a skim of the bibliography of books such as Warrior Saints, Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms, etc. for a quick starter on books that describe these practices from a non-Sikh perspective.

Also, there are many non-Sikh sources used by Ganda Singh in his books on Sikh history. Have a look at his references.

Also have a read of the following (and the sources they list):

Through the Sikh Wars, by G. A. Henry

Jassa Singh Ahluwalia, by Ganda Singh

Sketch of the Sikhs by Malcolm

Correspondence of Maharaja Duleep Singh by Ganda Singh

The Fall of the Sikh Empire by Alaxander Gardner

A History of the Sikhs by JD Cunningham

Western Image of the Sikh Religion: A Source Book/edited by Darshan Singh

History of the Sikhs by Hari Ram Gupta

Sikh History From Persian Sources: Translations of Major Texts. edited by J.S. Grewal and Irfan Habib

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