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Gurfateh !

There has been much said and done in the name of 'Beadhbi'

I wholeheartedly agree with the Uk based movement to stop the Prakash of Guru Sahib in Hotels and marriage halls etc - however things are never black and white. One man's beadhbi is another's 'Sharda'

In many UK Gurdwaras only certain types of people are allowed to do certain sewa - in towns with large Sangats this is no problem however in smaller towns their are problems .

Is it beadhbi to allow a 'Mona' to do chaur sewa or Sukasan - or beadhbi to not do it at all?

I don't have any answer to this but I have seen some "interesting" occurences - I have seen Ardas performed by a 'Mona' in a USA Gurdwara (Though I did wince a little when he said 'Sikhi Kesha swasa naal nibhaiye' - I admit ) and complete Akhand Paths performed by what some call Non -Sikhs

How can we say Guru sahib is 'Jagat Guru' but then selfishly stop others (including many Sikhs ) from having the opportunity to have Guru Sahib's darshan sewa ?

On a side note if you do a straw poll amongst Many Sikhs you will find that many have never seen Guru Sahib - by that I mean they may 'Matha Tek' at the Gurudwara but they have never - and I hope this is not direspectful!, seen under the Rumallas.

What are people thoughts ?

I am posting some pictures - I'll let the Sangat on SA decide if this is Beadbi or not - I have almost posted these a number of times but always stopped as they may cause offence or a big heated debate

Admin Please remove if you feel they are disrespectful.

Pictures from a UAE gurdwara in Dubai - People who have seen this have objected to the 'Pathi' in Nehru Caps / rumals and the many Pictures and Photos of Religious figures.

In my home town there is a seperate 'Guru Ravi Das Bhavan' before this was built this particular sangat would come to the 'Main ' gurdwara to celebrate Bhagat Ravi Das' birthday - all the men would wear these caps - nowadays they tend to wear rumaals. Perhaps this is the case in this Gurdwara




this next picture is from the Ram Rai Dehra in DehraDun

It appears that the ladies are reading from Guru Sahib - There doesn't appear to be a 'Chandoa' (Canopy) and heads are not covered


The Future ???

This last picture was taken by Amandeep Madra Bhai Sahib - it shows a Jain temple in Pakistan which is now a private residence - note the TV in the Palki.

I often wonder what will become of the Many Gurdwaras in some UK towns - will they face the same fate as Many Beautiful Churches which have no congregations and are now Studios , night clubs, private houses ,Mosques and Gurdwaras ?


I have no intention to offend - I just wanted members opinions and views

Are these cases of beadhbi or people trying to find Guru Sahib and takes steps toward Him ?

Bhul Chuk Maaf


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Regarding the picture of the Gurduara in Dubai, it would have been helpful to provide some context. The Gurduara is actually contained within a Mandir, which is located in the floor below, and the property is run by the local Hindu community. My understanding is that since there are no "official" Gurduaras in the UAE (except a few "unnoficial" ones set up by Sikhs working in labour camps outside of central Dubai), but there is an official Mandir, the two communities have come to some sort of agreement about having a Gurduara of sorts in the centre of Dubai where the (mostly immigrant labourers) can attend.

Although it is not clear in the photographs, the Darbar walls are covered with paintings of Hindu Devta/Devi's. It's not uncommon for people to first do Puja in the Mandir, which is located on the first floor, then come upstairs into the Gurduara and bow to the Guru, and then proceed to bow to each of the paintings in the Darbar.

I don't think there is a regular Granthi in the Gurduara, so I would'nt be surprised if non-Sikhs were taking care of everyday functions.

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I Live in Dubai now, and yes many people touch the SGGS but then other sikhs tell me it shows their respect.Its there way of culture.

They also have photos of hindu, gods/goddesses in the same room and touch and kiss these pics.

However there is no other Sikh Gudwara in dubai. There was one in Ras Al Khor nr dubai but the commitee had a fight and they closed this down.

Considering there is such a large sikh community and many wealthy, why is there no traditional Sikh Gudwara yet?

Theres so many in the UK and not one in Dubai, does a charity or donation fund exist to change this??

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