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Gurus in human Body

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Pray Truth for all and say Satsriakal!

Dear all!

They often warn and preach Sikhs to reject dehdhaaree Gurus. Is this true only for the present time?

Our Gurus were dehdhaarees, lived in human body. Did Sikhs accept dehdhaaree Gurus in the past?

Is truth changing with the time? Please express your views.

Balbir Singh

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Haha, thats an interesting point, is truth changing with time? I feel every Sikh is duty bound to very very carefully draw their own considered conclusions about which truths are eternal and which truths are contextual. I'm always shocked by how often people bandy the word truth around. What is 'truth' and what is not? How should we understand what is not truth? Where does it originate, etc. Personally I've started to wonder whether there is such thing as an intelligable universal truth.

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This should end all the debate against dehdharis guru's outside and inside the panth. Sri Dasam Patsah says in sri sarbloh granth:

Atam Ras Neh Jannehi Sio Haie Khalsa Dev,

Prab Meh Mo Meh Tas Meh Ranchak Naeh Bhaiv ||

The one who has entered the sphere of atma(self), he alone is worthy of the title of the khalsa, he becomes one with me the guru and ultimately God.There is no difference.

It's true that sikh could never become guru , sikh could loose his indentity to the guru and merge in him but never become a guru with his own individual consicouness because when sikh gets bhramgyan, guru himself sits in him, talks through him. Treating such person and serving that person as a gurudev is not blampheous.

With that said, I am against the idea of person who claim that he is successor of sri guru gobind singh ji(guru avtar) next in gaddi because sri guru gobind singh declared sri guru granth sahib ji as jagdi jot guru.

whats others view on this? tsingh, amritpal singh, drawrof, vijaydeep singh and others? please post them it be interesting

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I also like to share an sakhi of bhramgyani tat vaadie mahapursh baba harnam singh jianwale who was a top student of sri hazoor baba karam singh ji maharaj hoti mardanwale.

At anandpur sahib, there was a relic of sri guru gobind singh ji i think- his seat, where sri guru gobind singh ji maharaj used to sit on sometimes, sant harnaam singh ji jianwale sat on this seat just to test sevadars, sevadars at anandpur sahib had a problem with this, in dvait(duality) they said, why you sitting on sri guru dev patsah seat.

Sant harnam singh ji jianwale, being fully almast and said to them , mein sri guru gobind singh ji da ladla putar haa, meraie chh sri guru gobind singh ji nivas hai, meraie chh bhi guru bolda hai.

Now there are two ways of looking at the sakhi- one may call it fully disrespectful of what baba jian wale did, i thought of that too when i first heard it but when i read different natures of bhramgyani from baba jagjit singh ji book i come to realise, its very hard to judge bhramgyani. As sukhmani sahib says, bhramgyani ki gat bhramgyani hi jaanaie ||

if you are happen to be student of almast bhramgyani, its very hard to understand where they coming from, without their kirpa, guru's kirpa its very hard to decipher what they are saying, eg- if almast bhramgyani have 100 students, only 1-2 barely will pass the test rest will go astray thats why you will most of almast fakirs/bhramgyanis have little to do with this world, most of almast fakirs dont do updesh to the sangat at all, they stay in their mauj, in full tyaag-bairaag. whether people call them - guru's nindak because of katuak, or insane person nothing matters to them. last thing i would do is judge them with my standards.

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We still have Dejdhari Guru,who baptised Tenth Master.That Guru is Guru Panth.It is at Pajvan Takhat,Talwandi Saboki,Bathinda,Hindustan.

Guru anyway is Akal and in all forms.Khalsa as one form.Sabad Guru as one form.

Even during the Time of Ten Masters,Sikhs like Bhai Mardana,Baba Sunder,Satta and Balwand,Bhatts all were Sikhs and wrote Gurbani.So Guru Panth was then also.

Bhai Gurdas ,the first,say Guru became Sikhs and Sikhs became Guru.

So since start,Akal Guru,teaches via Sabad Guru to Guru Panth.God is Akal so Khalsa one with Akal is free of time bound.So all are one and no change ever till Akal wants.

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