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is this hukamnamma authentic?

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i was having a discussion regarding the kesh/keshki issue with a friend, and presented him this hukamnamma of Maharaj as a proof that kesh is kakaar.

yet, he says that this hukamnamma was not written by Maharaj as it does not mention Kanga as kakaar, hereby Maharaj is only mentioning 4 kakaars for the khalsa.

so is it genuine? what does sikh scholars say..was it written by Maharaj or not..

"Sarbat sangat Kabul Guru rakhe ga

Tusa ute asaadee bahut khusi hai

Tusi Khande da Amrit Panja to lena

Kes rakhne...ih asadee mohur hair;

Kachh, Kirpan da visah nahee karna

SARB LOH da kara hath rakhna

Dono vakat kesa dee palna karna

Sarbat sangat abhakhia da kutha

Khave naheen, Tamakoo na vartana

Bhadni tatha kanya-maran-vale so mel na rakhe

Meene, Massandei, Ramraiye ki sangat na baiso

Gurbani parhni...Waheguru, Waheguru japna

Guru kee rahat rakhnee

Sarbat sangat oopar meri khushi hai.

Patshahi Dasvi

Jeth 26, Samat 1756

(To the entire sangat at Kabul.

The Guru will protect the Sangat,

I am pleased with you all.

You should take baptism by the sword, from the Five Beloveds.

Keep your hair uncut for this is a seal of the Guru,

Accept the use of shorts and a sword.

Always wear IRON KARA on your wrist,

Keep your hair clean and comb it twice a day.

Do not eat Halal (Kosher) meat,

Do not use tobacco in any form,

Have no connection with those who kill their daughters

Or permit the cutting of their children's hair.

Do not associate with Meenas, Massands and Ram-raiyas (anti-Sikh cults)

Recite the Guru's hymns

Meditate on "The Name of our Wonderful Lord",

Follow the Sikh code of discipline

I give the entire sangat my blessing)

Signature of 10th Guru

Jeth 26, 1756 Bikrami (23rd May 1699 A.D)

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Amardeep - what you are trying to discuss with your "friend" is if Kesh is the Kakkar or if it is Keski (ala The Bhasauria Singh Sabha and their descendents today, the AKJ and the Babbar Khalsa).

The above hukamnama will be questioned and considered fake by all vegetarian fundamentalists and keski-is-kakkar supporters and considered authentic by others. It matters little in the end since there is plenty of evidence to counter both absurd notions and these can be found on this forum.

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amardeep - why?

We forget that hukamnamas, Gurbani, Rehitnamas etc etc are NOT legal documents with 1001 caveats included as people today would like since they can only see things black and white.

What next, all the texts which mention Trai Mudra are not authentic?

Let me guess, the Shabd from Bhagat Kabir which points to the cutting of Hair should be taken out???!!!

Sorry to sound cheesy, but let's 'think outside the box' a little bit!!!

Tell your keski-is-a-kakkar "friend" that the "5 Kakkars" was never a term used by our Gurus, so what now, the term is not authentic?

However if one wants to believe Keski is a Kakkar, lets also include Kamarkasa as one too...oh and why not also the following Khanda, Kharaj, Kapra...

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