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Ikongkar- What is its mystic?

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Pray Truth for all and say Satsriakal!

Dear all and RupZ Jee!

Thanks for the link. According to the writer ੴ is 'the original and unique logo coined by Guru Nanak'. Then he suggests that 'The mispronunciation of ੴ as Ek Oankar or Ek Onkar or Ek Omkar or Ek Oamkar or Ek Aumkar under the influence of ancient philosophy should be forsaken.'

Further, the writer raises a question 'Was Guru Nanak preaching philosophy of Vedas and Upanishads?' And responses that 'Nanakian Philosophy is original and unique and has all the characteristics of universal acceptability by the humanity of the Science Age provided it is presented scientifically and logically.'

Perhaps he wants to say that Guru Nanak found the original and unique truth while others not.

His response is interesting that 'The ੴ is an original and unique logo (emblem) coined by Guru Nanak to represent God'.

He concludes that we should pronounce ੴ as (Ek + Oh + Beant) (One and Only, Oh, the Infinite) or (Ek Oh Ananat) that portrays the characteristics of Oneness and Infiniteness of Oh, the Eternal Entity.


Imagine, after few decades Sikhs have stopped mispronunciation of ੴ and are practicing pronouncing ੴ (Ek + Oh + Beant) or (Ek Oh Ananat). The possibility, to choose truth between two interpretations, has divided seekers in two lobbies. Everybody is proud of being on the right path.

Has Balbir Singh to come on earth again to ask the same question?

Balbir Singh

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After readind the artical, it just makes things more confusing.

Well this is what I believe. I believe that before Guru Nanak Dev Ji came to this world, people started calling the stone Omkar. And that Guru Nanak Dev Ji came this world to say that Omkar is Akaal himself and not a stone.

If you read Bichitra Naatak in Sri Dasam Granth Ji, Guru Ji says that there was a confusion to who God was in the old days. I believe when Guru Ji came, he came to resort out belifes to their original form? But I might be wrong.

In Bhai Gurdas Jis Vaara he says that Guru Ji came to redeem Kuljug and that Dharma has been put back on its four legs.

Bhai Gurdas Ji's Vaara 01

sunee pukaar dhaathaar prabh gur naanak jag maahi(n) pat(h)aayaa||

The benefactor Lord listened to the cries (of humanity) and sent Guru Nanak to this world.

charan dhhoe rehiraas kar charanaamrith skhiaa(n) peelaayaa||

He washed His feet, eulogised God and got his Disciples drink the ambrosia of his feet.

paarabreham pooran breham kalijug a(n)dhar eik dhikhaayaa||

He preached in this darkage (kaliyug) that, saragun (Brahm) and nirgun (Parbrahm) are the same and identical.

chaarai pair dhhara(n)m dhae chaar varan eik varan karaayaa||

Dharma was now established on its four feet and all the four castes (through fraternal feeling) were converted into one caste (of humanity).

raanaa ra(n)k baraabaree pairee(n) pavanaa jag varathaayaa||

Equating the poor with the prince, he spread the etiquette of humbly touching the feet.

oulattaa khael pira(n)m dhaa pairaa(n) oupar sees nivaayaa||

Inverse is the game of the beloved; he got the egotist high heads bowed to feet.

kalijug baabae thaariaa saathanaam parrh ma(n)thr sunaayaa||

Baba Nanak rescued this dark age (kaliyug) and recited ‘satinam’ mantr for one and all.

kal thaaran gur naanak aayaa ||aa||

Guru Nanak came to redeem the kaliyug.

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