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I found this on JattWorld.com. This is a different version of a saakhi which has been told about a donkey putting on a lions skin. I thought i'd share it with you guys.

"Also there is a story mentioned in Sikh chronicles that once Sikhs asked Guru Gobind Singh if it is really true that on taking Amrit and putting on the 5 K's do we really become Lions?

Guru ji replied them that they would get their answer later.

After a few days Guru ji asked Sikhs to bring a donkey and a Lion's skin and asked Sikhs to cover the donkey body all over with the lion's skin. The Sikhs did this and Guru ji asked them to drive the donkey into the woods on the hillside and keep an eye on it where it went.

The donkey in Lion's clothing enjoyed the new attire because no wild animals such as wolves or hyneas bothered him.

One day a potter with his pack of donkeys passed nearby when one of his own donkeys started braying. The donkey in Lion's skin heard the sound and as a reflex action began himself braying. The potter became curious to find where is the other donkey.

The potter immediately recognised the donkey and roped it to add it to his own pack.

The Sikhs finding the donkey taken away by the potter came to Guruji and reported that a potter took away the donkey.

The Sikhs had forgotten about the question they had asked from Guru ji and asked what are they to do now that the donkey is gone.

Guru ji reminded them that just by putting on the 5 K's and taking Amrit does not make you Singhs or lions. If you are a donkey you would remain a donkey, Amrit or no Amrit. The real Rehat is to be able to control your instints that like the donkey can lead you to be led away to the door of the Dharmraj like the potter did to the donkey."


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Gurfateh !

Here is an illustrated version from the Classic book for Children "Stories from the Sikh World" by Rani and Jugnu Singh (illustrated by Jeroo Roy) (Macdonald 1987)

Rani and Jugnu used to have a travelling childrens show that did plays in schools in the 1980s and 90s - I remember seeing them do the Donkey and Tiger skin story on TV - I think it was on 'Rainbow' with Zippy and George !!!! (Aw Geoffrey !!)

any way back to the topic - the book is a classic and includes 9 stories - Duni Chand ,Guru Nanak in Baghdad, Guru Arjan and Prithia, Guru HarGobind and the 52 princes, Makhan Shah and the 500 gold coins, Baisakhi 1699, The donkey and the Tiger skin,Bhai Ghanaya and also Harmander Singh and the Dalai Lama -- It's a Great book for kids of all ages !

Here is 'The Donkey and the Tiger Skin'





Enjoy !

Ranjit singh 'Freed'

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