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getting rid of the pain while meditating.

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Hi everybody

to all those bhagats , gursikhs , my brothers and sisters , i have a question for you guys .

while sitting straight , i feel pain in my back , and my bottom dawar ( i dun wana say tht) and after a while my legs get numb .

this starts happening after 30 minutes of sitting straight while meditating

any of u guys have any experience about it . does the body become more tough after a while and get used to this pain ? does this pain go away ?


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Its important to be aware of your back while meditating. When I go Gurdwara I see people meditating with their backs arched forward. What you should try to do is keep your back straight while doing meditatation. After doing this over and over again of keeping your back straight, it will just happend itself (your back being straight). And when you try to arch your back again, it will feel funny and unfamiliar and you will be able to sit for longer.

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