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spiritual or human


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Dear Sangat, Vaheguru Ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh. My friend asked an interesting question, which i would be very grateful of your views.

Are we human beings having spiritual experiences OR are we actually spiritual beings having human experiences?

I said we were all spiritual beings in the beginning until maya and the panj chor take over, then losing sight of God within us, humanises us, Physical transformation to a human is probably incorrect (as my friend rightly pointed out) that would imply dual existence. I am not a scholar as some on this site but the question intrigues me.


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vah ji vah, what a great question,

for amateur, this question can really boggle the mind.

ans: adhyatamically( spiritualy) speaking and speaking by keeping in essence- end of tats) - we are actually spiritual beings having human experiences.

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