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147 historical sites handed over to Punjab Date

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147 historical sites handed over to Punjab Date: 02/26/2007 Comment Email this Article

News Source: http://www.punjabheritage.org

LAHORE: After a long wait, 147 sites in Punjab have been handed over by the Federal Archaeology Department (FAD) to the Punjab Archaeology Department (PAD), PAD officials told Daily Times on Thursday.

The officials said all formalities of the transfer related to the the Auqaf Department and FAD had been completed and a formal announcement would be made in a few days. They said the employees would also be transferred with immediate effect and PAD would set up separate departments for museums and havelis.

The provincial government had been discussing the issue with the federal government since 1984. On June 2, 2001, President General Pervez Musharraf issued directives through the federal culture secretary that all sites be handed over to the provincial governments. Early in 2007, the Supreme Court of Pakistan also took up the issue and ordered the removal of encroachments from Punjab’s archaeological sites. The court also directed the FAD to hand over these sites to the Punjab government. The Supreme Court decided in favour of the provincial government because the sites looked after by the FAD were in very dilapidated conditions. The court said all encroachments at the sites or bordering them should be removed. A team has been formed to this effect. Many people have been living in some of the historical sites and they will be vacated soon, the officials said. They said the government would give the people money to shift elsewhere. The officials said that after these encroachments were removed, the restoration work on the sites would be launched and they would be banned for the public unless a large number of workers were hired to guard them.

The transferred sites are:

Attock District: Lala Rukh’s Tomb, Begum Ki Sarai, Saidan Baoli, Hatti, Hakim’s Tomb, Chitti Baoli, Attock Fort, Behram Ki Baradari, Tope and Monastery, Kallar or Sassi da Kallara, Site at Garhi, Inderkot mosque and a Buddhist site.

Bahawalpur District: Abu Hanifa’s tomb, Uch Sharif, Bibi Jawindi’s tomb, Tomb of Nuria, Bahawal Haleem’s tomb, Musa Pak Shaheed’s tomb.

Dera Ghazi Khan District: Ghazi Khan’s Tomb, Ther Dallu Roy.

Gujranwala District: Baradari in Sheranwala Garden, Abdul Nabi Kotli’s tomb.

Gujrat District: Akbari Baoli, Bahar Wali Baoli and Sheikh Ali Baig’s tomb

Jhang District: Shahi Masjid, Shah Burhan’ tomb.

Jhelum District: Rohtas Fort, the Ruined Temple with gateway, Raja Mansingh’s haveli, a hill 25 feet tall and 190 feet wide, Murti (Pind Dadan Khan tehsil), Two ancient temples, Bhagan Wala, the ruins of Nandana Fort, Sardar Hari Singh’s haveli, the ruins of Buddhist Stuppas, Satghara Temple.

Khanewal District: Khalid Walid’s tomb and village.

Lahore District: Ali Mardan’s tomb, Buddho’s tomb, Sarwala Maqbara, Hazuri Bagh, Dai Anga’s tomb, Shalimar gardens, Old Fort, Buddha Ka Awa, Ek Kos Minar, Roshnai Gate, Mirza Kamran’s Baradari, Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s tomb, Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s residence, Chauburji, Gulabi Bagh, Qutubuddin Aibak’s tomb, Tiled Gateway and two Bastions of Nawankot, Do Kos Minar, Tomb of Sheikh Musa Angar, Zaibunnissa’s tomb, Nadira Begum’s Tomb and Hauz, Hujra Mir Mehdi (Janazgah), Prince Pervez’s tomb, Nawab Bahadur Khan’s tomb, Javed Manzil, Jahangir’s tomb, Akbari Sarai, Asif Khan’s tomb, Noor Jahan’s tomb, Mohabbat Khan’s tomb, Samadhi of Ranjit Singh, Kharak Singh and Naunihal Singh, Anarakali’s tomb, Baradari and Samadhi of Sher Singh, Badshahi Masjid, Wazir Khan mosque, Chitta gate, the gate at northeast of Wazir Khan mosque, inside Delhi gate. Raja Dina Nath’s well, Masti gate, Bhatti Gate, Sheranwala Gate, Kashmiri Gate, Lahori Gate, Delhi Gate, Wazir Khan Hammam, Haveli Nau Nihal Singh, Khawaja Sabir’s tomb, French Officer’s daughter’s tomb, Wazir Khan’s Baradari, Bhai Wasti Ram’s Samadhi, a Mughal era’s tomb, Jani Khan’s tomb, Dai Anga’s mosque, the mosque with glazed tile work at Begumpura, Nawab Zakariya Khan mosque, Inayat Bagh, Angoori Bagh, Mariam Zamani mosque.

Mianwali District: Sher Shah’s Baoli, a Buddhist stupa with near River Indus.

Multan District: Sawi Masjid, Patrick Alexander Vana’s tomb, Rukn-e-Alam’s shrine, Shah Ali Akbar’s mother’s tomb, Shams Tabriz’s tomb, Shah Ali Akbar’s tomb, Shah Yousaf Gardezi’s tomb, Shah Hussain Saddozai’s tomb, Mai Meherban’s tomb, a ruined mosque at Village Sargana, Maryala mound.

Muzaffargarh District: Tahir Khan Nehra’s tomb, Tahir Khan mosque and Sheikh Sadan Shaheed’s tomb.

Rawalpindi District: A stupa (Tope), Pharwala Fort, Losar Baoli, Bhir Mound, Babar Khana, Kalawan site, Chirtope site, Sirkape site, Giri remains, Mohra Moradu, Rawat Fort, Nicholas column, Kos Minar, the Kos Minar near Golra railway station, Fraudgah-e-Shahan-e-Mughlia, Ratta Pind, mound at Harrappa, Mir Chakar’s tomb, Syed Daud Kirmani’s tomb.

Sargodha District: Three temples inside Fort Amb, the site of ancient city, a red sandstone temple.

Sheikhpura District: Sheikhupura Fort, Baoli and mosque, Jandilala Sher Khan, Mound Mian Ali Sahib, Tibba, Noor Muhammad’s tomb, Hafiz Burkhurdar’s tomb.

Sialkot District: Tibba Jolian Sialkot.

* Announcement will be made in a few days

* Employees, offices and assets also transferred immediately

Written by Hina Farooq, The Daily Times

Saturday, 24 February 2007

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