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the following are all home movies that are from the late 1970's. i must warn you all are recorded from a projector and their is no sound on any movies.

the first two videos is of sant mushsudhan singh ji bedi at my grandfathers house. They ar epresenting siropas to my mum and her sisters and then they put a garland around my granfathers head. Baba Mudhsudhan singh ji were the 16th descendants of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and were the father of Baba Sarbjot Singh Ji bedi who are the current head of the Sant Samaj



The next 4 viddeos show a young Sant Amar Singh Ji Barundi Walae performing keertan and sewa of Maharaj Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The first 2 of the 4 videos are at Nanaksar That in Wolverhampton in the original building where Sant Ishar Singh Ji Rara Sahib Walae performed their last 13 divans. The last 2 of the 4 videos is of when Sant Ji came to my grandparents house





The next video is of sant amar singh ji arriving at my grandfathers huse in Leicester and after that is Baba Mudhsudhan Singh ji bedi eating langar at my grandparents place.


next two videos are of Sant Amar Singh Ji one in Leicester walking around the garden of my grandfather house and having langar the second is of baba ji doing keertan.



last video is of Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Leicester. The old gurdwara which no longer exists. It shows the langar sewa and then 2 minutes into the video you see a young giani amolak singh ji doing katha


please enjoy

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Sri Maan Sant Baba Mudhsudhan Singh Ji are direct descendants of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and were based at Una Sahib, they are the Bedis. Baba Ji were very very knowledgeable about Katha nd Keerta. Amazing Katha from what i have heard. Under the Dastaar they kept a gold ckhakar which belonged to Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. My grandparents remember doing darshan of this chakar daily. Baba Ji said with the bakshish from Dasam Maharaj the chakar gave them access to the dasam dwar for whichever Bedi is in charge at Una Sahib. Baba Ji were the editor of a magazine called Ajooni and had very close links with the udasi and sewapanthi orders. Unlike their son Baba Sarbjot Singh Ji Bedi they ate meat!

on web page


you can find the following referance to baba ji

At present Baba Sarbjot Singh, sixth in succession from Baba Sahib Singh, is a Bedi of note. He is the son of Baba Masoodan Singh Ji the last of the Bedis who, unmindful of modern Sikh sentiment, kept up fully his families 'Dehdhari Guru' traditions. Baba Sarbjot Ji has of recent sojourned into Punjabi public religious and political fields. He is the nominated head of the recently 1990’s formed 'Gurmat Sidhant Parcharak Sant Samaj' (Preachers Of Sikh Fundamentals A Society Of Sikh Saints).

hope that helps

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Great videos Kam Ji, and great to share them with us. Super 8 film ki jai. How did your grandad know them? Was he from that area i.e. hoshiarput and upward.

For those who're interested in the Bedis (beyond the basics), a few things I keep seeing around. Gyani Ishar Singh Nara's more obscure books (in those funky 70s lamination) are 100% Bedi based (I think he may have been a shish of Baba Gurbaksh Singh Bedi). He did books on Baba Khem Singh Bedi, Baba Sahib Singh Bedi, Udasin samprdaya, 'Japu Parmarth' which is suggested to be the katha of Japuji Sahib given by Guru Nanak Dev to Guru Angad Dev! (a granth from a Bedi who lives in Jalandhar), the essence of Sri Bir Mrigesh Gurbilas (from the same Bedi, and has lots on Sant Sahib Singh Bedi again, although a Nirmala granth by Pandit Sher Singh about Baba Bir Singh and the Naurangabad upsamprdaya). There's also a new thing printed by CSJS called 'Gyan Netr Granth' by Sant Jot Prakash from the Bedi vans. Its unnecessarily expensive and bulky (typical CSJS!) and not very in depth in all honesty based only on a flick through, but worth a mention. There is also a book I picked up from Punjabi University press 'Sri Guru Nanak Bans Prakash' or something, which is by (could be) Sukhbir Ram Bedi which is a long 19th century granth charting the bedi bans from Guru Nanak onwards.

Bedis are SOO in with the Udasin still. Such that there is one recent account of one ex-actress Bedi (I'm not too up on has been bollywood actresses) who was reporting the kumbh mela, mentioned to the Udasis that she was a bedi, who told her 'well then your one of us' and made here take shahi ishnan with them on the day! Gyani Ishar Singh Nara mentions one tradition that a young Bedi after betrothal but before marriage must live and dress like an Udasi Sant for a week, wandering from place to place. I also have asked but not got any decent answers to whether Bedis secretly took rishi diksha, a grihasthi form of Udasi initiation.

hope that helps anyone interested.

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To be honest Tirath Singh i am not sure how my grandparents met the Bedi sants. But all i can say is that the relationship between the family and the Bedis is stillk strong.

As soon Freed teaches me how to put phots on i will put some up of Baba Ji with Udasi and Sevapanthi Mahapursh as well as the lineage of the Bedis and Baba Ji's Magazines

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