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hello all!

I, like most ppl on this site have started to study sikhism within. This thread will be devoted on books referenced to sikhism its philosophy and history. As i am still learning alot about sikhism I find it hard looking for sites and books which explain and goes in depths about sikhi. The net is full of flaws and misinterpretation on religions, and as most of u know, negative ppl who spread garbage and twisting religion around. The aim of this thread is for everyone to suggest a good book(s) on sikhi where people from all backgrounds can refer to and learn from the basics to the advance concept of sikhi.

I have many books on sikhi but the best one is by daljet singh and Kharak singh.

The name of this excellent and well written book is:

SIKHISM its philosophy and history, with introduction by CHOOR SINGH, edited by DALJEET SINGH and KHARAK SINGH of the INSTITUTE OF SIKH STUDIES.

(for more info just pm or reply)

ok peeps continue the list....

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Book called "Death And After" Revelant texts from sggs by surinder singh kohli .. i just got it today.. really really interesting book. I cant stop reading..

I ll think of more books but this is a must read. For Deep Thinkers!!

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nogroup singh, u mentioned to many books there. can you just recommend the absolute best books to read. honustly, not all those books can be good. isit there another site where it gives a brief summary bout the book and the auther?

whilst im here i thuoght of another good book

Daljeet singh, The sikh idealogy. 1990, singh brothers, Amritsar.

(http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/9990659370/qid=1056134530/sr=1-2/ref=sr_1_16_2/026-2416008-4755661 )

come on peeps, more recommendations

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You can buy it from your local sikh book store if you have somewhere around you. Or you can get it from www.nahal.com and book information is below.


Hum Hindu Nahi (we are not Hindus)

Bhai kahan Singh

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