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What does Paramhans mean?

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I have listend to Baba Santa Singh Ji's katha of "Guru Nanak Aap Parmeshwar..." from Sri Sarbloh Granth and in that Baba Ji talks about paramhans. Nowwhen i have darshan of Sant Ishwar Das' ashram in Jalandhar, one of the sewaks there told me there were 4 types of udasi namely :

1. kesa dhari

2. jatta dhari

3. paramhans

4. sorry i have forgot this one.

Paramhans he explained to me was those saints who kept their head clean shaved or bald or also shaved thier faces, like the budhist monks you see these days. I am sure you may have seen this udasi's.

However Baba Ji talks about paramhans thus:

One day a Sikh asked Guru Amardas , who is Paramhans? I have heard of hans which eats pearls, but not paramhans...

Guru Ji replied " O Sikh all you who repeat the name of the lord are Param Hans, just as thehans takes pearls for sustenance you take the pearls of the Lord's name. You are all Paramhans. These days Paramhan are callled those who remove the hair from thier face and head. They by removeing their hair have become incomplete, They are not Paramhans who are "ghorn-morn".

Also Baba Ji talksabout the other panth in particualr Jain , and brifly on others. He talks about whosever gain a bit of knoeledge started his own sect. Please listen to this and give your views. I got the feeling that Baba Ji's views were that these panths gave nothing or little to bring the world to true Dharma. Am I wrong?


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