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I am son of Khatri and not of Brahman who does Tap


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I found this in an AKJ forum thought it would be nice talking about it.


Author: surajsingh

Date: 03-28-07 14:35

I was talking to this Hindu guy who raised a question regarding a line from dasam granth. The line from Dasam Granth was 'Chharti Ka Poot Hon, Baahman Ko Nahey, Kaiy Tapp Aavat Hon Jo Karon'. He said this line was written by Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

He translated this line like this, "I am son of Khatri and not of Brahman who does 'Tap'." This guy asked if Guru was saying that only brahman should do 'Tap'.

He then quoted another line from Dasam Granth, which goes like this, "Teh Ham Adhik Tappasya Saadhi". He said this line was written by Guru Gobind Singh. Here Guru Gobind Singh said that he did lots of 'Tap' there (in his previous life).

This guy said that if Guru Gobind Singh refused to do Tap because he considered himself a Khatri, then why he did Tap in his previous life? Does it mean that Guru Gobind Singh was a Brahman in his previous life?

This Hindu guy quoted a line from Bhai Gurdas, which goes like this, "Bhari Kari Tapassya Rorhan Ki Gur Kari Vichhai". He said that this line means that Guru nanak did lots of 'Tap'. He asked if Guru Nanak was a Brahman. He asked if Guru Nanak Ji did 'Tap', then what was problem with Guru Gobind Singh? This guy asked if Khatri Guru Nanak Dev did 'Tap', then why Khatri Guru Gobind singh could not do 'Tap'?

Please share your views so that I could give him reply...

First of all what does Tap mean?

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