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Tony Jaa


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His are some of the best martial arts films I have seen.

Although it is acting, there are so many styles and techniques that Tony Jaa utilises...

A scene I especially like is at the beginning of Onk Bak, where Tony shows all the different Mudrai and styles (of sorts) that he utilises.

Another scene is in Warrior King when Tony fights over 50 people (kill bill style), but the techniques he uses are commonsensical and short/devastating and make use of many locks/twists (sheshnaag), the oppositions force and all parts of his and others bodies...

Also, Tony does all his own fight scenes and stunts. He has been learning muay thai since he was ten (from his father), and is from a humble village background, parents being rice farmers, he also has 2 pet elephants!

He is a firm buddist, meditates and visits temples everyday.

His martial vidya consists of Muay Thai Boran, Krabi Krabong, Stick, Sword, Pencack Silat, Capoeira, Wushu... as well as dance and gymnastics. His vidya guru is the renowned Panna Rittikrai who is Martial Arts Choreographer and Director (Thai films mainly).

What I love is, although he has mixed and uses various styles, Muay still dominates his fighting (his family style).

Here are some cool fight scenes:



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Theses two fight scenes were from the film Warrior King, good fight scenes.

You should also check out this also from Warrior King. Where Tony Jaa is fighting someone else of a different style (Capoeira: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ta2fv0BcR-4)


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