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Gods name in Gurmat and Islam


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a hadith says:

In the beginning God created a Name with non-sonorous letters,- with an unpronounced vowel, an entity without a body, a name undescribable, of an uncoloured color, unlimited, veiled- though not covered with a veil, from all the senses and all imagination of God.

God made a perfect word out of it,- a word composed of four parts, none of which existed before the others. From these four parts, he showed three names in order to resond to a need felt by the creatures- keeping one of them veiled; The hidden, secret Name.

Of the three names shown, the exoteric name is Allah, - the exalted, the most high. Then he gave each of these three names four pillars, a total of twelwe pillars in all, and created thirty names for each pillar...(There follows a list of some 36 divine names).... These names added to the most Beautifull names make a total of 360 Names, all coming from the first three names that are the pillar and the and the veil of the single secret Name, hidden by these three names".

i checked the arabic word for "part" and my friend told me that it is a letter.

In Sant scholar Niranjan Singh Ji's book "Divine mystic reflections on Gurmat", he has a chapter on Waheguru Mantar, that the first creation was the word Waheguru(W-H-G-R) and he quotes a verse from Sri Sarbloh Grant Sahib saying that none of these letteres existed before the other. it took 9 yugas to create each letter, and after 36 Yugas, creation was created.

can anyone tell us more about this? is Waheguru Mantar the Name of God being refered to here? it furthermore states that the last part is being kept a secret, and we will see that Guru Nanak 600 years later revealed the last letter (G) :

In kalijug, Gobind is in the form of Nanak and ā€˜Gā€™ of Vahiguru gets Govind recited.

The recitations o f all the four ages subsume in Panchayan i.e. in the soul of the common man.

When joining four letters Vahiguru is remembered,

The jiv merges again in its origin.

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