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Raagis in uk (classical instruments)

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Fateh, I know someone whos getting married soon and she would like kirtanis who can do kirtan in raag with classical insturments and katha does anyone know anyone in the uk who would be able to do this seva.

She has asked Prof Surinder Singh, and Harjinder Singh Lallie, But Surinder Singh is going to be abroad and Harjinder Singh is unavailble.

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She can ask Surinder Singh Saund (ask Harjinder Singh Lallie for contact details), as far as I know he does weddings, is classically trained and has a wonderful voice so should be able to do a beautiful rendition of the Lavaan in Suhi., although I am not sure if he has.

Also, could ask Bhai Amarjeet Singh or his brother Gursharan Singh Ji of Nanaksar Gurdwara in Wolverhampton, both highly talented.

Seatal Singh Sitara in East London is very good, but getting old now, could ask him as well.

There's the resident Raagi in Slough Ramgharia, he seems quite talented and does raag.

Or you could ask Namdhari sangat in Southall i.e. Surjit Singh Ji Namdhari.

I think Amrik Singh Zakmi will be in the UK in August if you can hold of him.

I am only aware of Professor Surinder Singh Ji doing Laavan in raag Suhi (in the UK), leaving a very emotional sangat behind... I am sure there must be others, just need to ask around.

Hope that helps.

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Sorry forgot to mention, most of the above are vajaa people, although I am sure they could (and some do) use a sur-mandal to get the classical saaj stamp!

Put your request forward on the Raj Academy Forum, I am sure someone there may know someone who can help.


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