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Punjab to Probe Fake Killings

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[center:2172dc8be5]Punjab to probe fake killings

Tribune News Service


Chandigarh, May 3

Director-general of Punjab police NPS Aulakh today ordered an enquiry on the basis of reports published in various newspapers regarding fake killings by Punjab police during the period of militancy in the state.

JP Birdi, additional director-general of police, will head the fact-finding team for conducting a thorough enquiry into the allegations.

A spokesperson of the police said the Punjab government had viewed the news reports with concern and considering the gravity of the issues involved, the enquiry has been initiated.

It may be mentioned here that certain specific instances were quoted in these reports in which the police had reportedly shown that it killed some terrorists in encounters earlier. However, these people were still alive. It has further been mentioned in these news reports that innocent persons were killed in place of such terrorists.


Nice to see the Punjab Police on top form as usual! Only took them 25+ years to figure this one out :roll:

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jus to have the ravan sena in the dock isnt good enuff. they should have to endure the same or similiar treatment they meted out. but most of all they should have to say to the world that "we the ravan sena on the orders of the ravan govt killed these people. " then thge hole world will know that the terrorist govt gave the terrorist police orders to kill.


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