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Im after a Qawwali by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan


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You might remember a few year back when I asked the forum if they have got this one Qawwali by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan? Well with modern technology i've been able to upload it, you can hear which Qawwali im after. I heard this Qawwali on Desi Radio UK (West London Punjabi Radio Station) and it sounded like wow. Someone help us out and tell me whats the name of this Qawwali all I know its by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and others as a group. Anyways have a listen. The sound is a bit low at first, after a few seconds later it gets louder. I recorded this video on my Mobile phone. Please get back to me, thanks in advance.


Javanmard pleasee helpp man!

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Thanks man

This Qawwali is about. I just found after vayuputra gave me the title of the Qawwali.

A poem by the mystic Punjabi poet Shah Hussain Bahu (circa. 1628 – 1691) whose distinguishing signature, “Hu” (also short for “Allah-hu”), is carried at the end of every line. In the opening lines, the disciple describes how it all began: his murshid (Master) plants a fragrant bud within the disciple’s heart and waters it with all that there is in this world. The disciple watches the plant grow and urges it to touch the stars. On of the most memorable verses in the song:

Everybody prays to preserve their faith, few pray for love everlasting

My heart feels ashamed to pray for faith instead of Love (of God)

The stations reached by Love are unknown to Faith

Bahu's faith pleads only for the safety and continuation of this Love

Bahu, long live the perfected Master who planted this bud


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