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Vaisakhi - An Experience for the whole family

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Thanks for posting this veer ji.

Forum Sangat in the UK, please do try and come and support the event, it will be an excellent day out for individuals as well as families, experiencing the fighting and singing of the old... as per our Guru Ji's traditions. There will be lectures, demonstrations, concert and kirtan, concluded by a "specially prepared" langar!

It is also another opportunity to see Nihang Ni-ddar Singh Ji's talk, for those of you who missed it last time.

Hope you can make it, if the event is popular, something bigger can be organised in the near the future, with maybe more puratan elements added in...


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Rupz Veer ji, yes it was a good event.

The Saint Soldiers presentation wasn't presented to well, but the darbaar was set up beautifully. There was a big turn out and Nihang Ji did a shorter version of his presentation (1 hour as opposed to 2 hours in V&A), and it was predominantly in Punjabi, which made it slighly more "energetic"... and as insightful and educational as ever.

There seemed to be many kids interested, and after his talk, Nihang Ji and his students kindly spent around another hour showing kids techniques and answering questions etc.

Ustaad Surjit Singh Ji and Professor Surinder Singh Ji did a Sarangi juggalbandi (instrumental dialogue in raag), with Narinderjeet Singh on percussion. It was really cool.

This was followed by a lecture by Professor Ji on how and nirdaareth raag

relates to bani and wh it is so important, very passionate, educated and open/honest presentation as per usual. The Sikh saaj were also introduced to the sangat.

The evening ended with Gurmat Kirtan performed by Prof Ji and around 7 senior students, utilising all historical used Sikh saaj; Rabab, Saranda, Jori, Sarangi, Taus, Dilruba and Tanpura. Kritan was passionate and beautiful as per usual.

Sangat was very happy, as many of them saw 2 aspects of puratan Sikh tradition which was previously unknown to them.

It was the first time I visited Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College, and have to say the school and it's surroundings are very impressive, they seem to be trying hard to promote Sikh education, and I pray that they continue with their good work. Their organisational skills seem pretty good, and they seem to have educated representatives.

After kirtan, langar was served and then interupted by some overly exited young boys who must have been told it would be a good idea to come in to the "langar" hall and deafen everyone with 4 dhols and spoil eveyones peaceful meal and polite conversation. Shame to end such an artistic and educational day with something on the opposite end of the spectrum (in my opinion)!

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