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Professor Paramjot Singh - 31 raags

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Forum Sangat ji,

I try not to speak negatively of anyone (so Vaheguru please forgive me), but I am posting this link, which can serve as educational as it contains shabds in the 31 shud raags.

However, what I also want to try and demonstrate is why many people prefer AKJ/Sant/Filmi (with all due respect) style kirtan to raag kirtan.

Professor ji in my opinion is a classic example of someone who learnt classical raag and applied it literally and technically, as many raags still do today.

What is missing here is the actual "raag", the ras, the rang...

Nirdaareth raag is more to do with expressing Guru Maharajs mood at the time they wrote the shabd, that mood was not a technical presentation.

The technical rules serve only as the skeleton or framework. It is impossible to tell the mood of person if all you look at is an x-ray of their bone structure.

To see and feel the mood of a person we need to see the flesh and blood on the bones, we need to see body language, facial expression, hear the tone of someones voice - alongside incorporating and assesing the words being spoken.

Raag, when understood and applied correctly does exactly this. This is understood through the musicology of the raag.

Simply following technical rules does not make Guru-mat kirtan, neither does simply expressing ones emotions using popular tunes.

Guru Ji's scientific framework, artistic expression and sprititual understanding must all be combined and expressed to perform Guru-mat Kirtan.

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