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On TV now - Cutting Edge: Mind Your F-ing Language


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On TV now.

Thought this would be interesting with regards to recent discussions on Sikh youths language skills today...

Cutting Edge: Mind Your F-ing Language Monday 14 May

9:00pm - 10:00pm

Channel 4

A lot of teenagers swear. Some swear a lot. But is the sort of swearing where every other word is a four-letter one part of youth culture, or should their foul-mouthed tendencies be curbed? This documentary which, being plastered with f-words, is not for those with delicate sensibilities, focuses on a secondary school outside Wolverhampton where they're trying to enforce a zero-tolerance policy on bad language. What's even more interesting, though, is the analysis of what makes a word unacceptable or offensive. The schoolkids have surprising ideas about this (I didn't recognise some of their suggestions as even being English, let alone a swear word), but it's unsettling to hear the c-word discussed in such a detached, almost literary, way.

RT reviewer - Jane Rackham

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