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ramgarhai gurdwaras


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ramgarhias have no affilaiton as a body, however i have some comments about them to share. They need to do more to promote turban tying every day, rather than starching them , also a lot of tarkhans have kes, but very few have sabat dara. they seem to be just as caste obsessed as jats. they are self-opinionated in the belif that they are progressive and the jats are not. they call Jassa Singh a maharaja when he was given the title of Sardar. also they are very good at their job as defined by caste, ie carpenters, whereas 99.99% of jats born in the uk have never cultivated a field for produce. i'll think pf some more.

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Dear Chatanga Saab

Jassa Singh was not guilty of infanticide. This is a fallacy that has been perpetuated by, sadly 'jat sikh mindset' historians to discredit the spartan character of Sardar Jassa Singh Jee. I apologise sincerely if this grates against your views. I do not wish to be Jassa Singh's advocate, but one can smell historical 'bullshit' from a mile.

kind regards



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uploaded katha here .... once malhi singh vs jassa singh alluwalia is told here where sulatane - e - kaum give ramgarhia singhs shrap .... last 10 mins katha is about it

other thing was when khalsa looted kassor there was a box which was told by a pathan i forgot his name know he was son of a minister of delhis kingdom ... his father stole the jewelery from delhis queen and hide it there in their house at kassor in stairs ... malhi singh brother of sardar jassa singh some how managed to got it .... and their was a treaty between khnaia misl and ramgarhias misl that what ever they loot they will divide half .... on seeing this jewelery malhi singh got greed in his mind and didnt wanted to share ... he told this to jassa singh ramgarhia also ... first jassa singh said no this is adharam ... but some how malhi singh managed and to get jassa singh on his side .... but on the other side .... singh of khania misl knew about this box ... and they demanded to get their share .... ramgrahia also got ready to fight for the box ... they claimed there was nothing in box .... and some how other jathedars like charat singh shuker chakiya hari singh bhangi ... got in between and solve the dispute .... and they decided to call that guy whose box was it to confirm what in the box .... he was in prison of singhs ... now malhi singh send few singhs and they that muslim pathan sat their to read his nimaz .... then singhs of ramgarhia misl cut his head while his eyes were closed .... which was later known to all singhs and they said it openly that now ramgarhias got adharam in thier sword .... they killed a nehatha guy just for money ... they will loose blessings of akal from today ....

bhull chukk maff

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