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Did Jesus Die on the Cross?


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I was on SikhSangat.com and found this link. I felt the guy that posted the link was using the link in a negative way, rather then to understand it?

In the Documentary it also shows how Jesus might of even migrated to Kashmir.

The Documentary is 26 minutes long, please feel free to forward your thoughts.


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I have posted this topic before about Jesus not dying on the cross and living as Yus Assaf in Kashmir. this can be found on the thread below


From the little i have learned most islamic groups state that Jesus did not die on the cross but his body was risen to heaven and a person with his likeness replaced him on the cross. Although the Quran does not go on to explain anything else about who this other person was or why Christ was taken to heaven and not crucified according to gnostic and mainstream christian beliefs.

Many islamic sources have put their ideas foreward to who was crucified on the cross but this matter is left open for debate as each and every person has their own ideas and most muslims have no idea and do not question who it might be but leave the topic alone and quite rightly state that the only real person who can Answer that is the Lord who is the doer of all

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