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Sat Sri Akal:

For quite a bit of time, the Nihang Jatha from England has been saying that the true martial arts of the Nihangs is Shastar Vidiya. Their websites, Sarbloh.info and shastarvidiya.com claim that Gatka is a watered-down child-play that has no battlefield relevance.

Then I come across a Buddha Dal website. It's address is:


The website does not mention the words Shastar Vidiya even once. Rather, under the Sports section, it is written

"Hola Mohalla gives an opportunity to every Nihang to display his or her own skills in Gatkha (A game that is played with swords and sticks like fencing in Europe), Horse riding and taming."

So Nihungs do Gatka??? What is going on people? The England Nihangs spent all this time making Gatka seem to be the enemy of the Sikh Panth and now I am reading this from the Buddha Dal website?

I am sorry to open this discussion again but I need answers!!!

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