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What is Jal Jogan?

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Pray Truth for all and say Satsriakal!

Dear all lovers of Gurbaanee and Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee!

A Sabad from Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee is very popular among Raagees these days. It begins with this Vaak.

"rogan te aru jogan te jal jogan te bahu bhaaNt bachaavay."

We know what diseases (Rogan) are. We also know what sorrows (Sogan) are. Can someone please explain what kind of problem 'Jal Jogan' is? HE saves us in many ways. I will be thankful.

Balbir Singh

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I think it is a reference to water-dwelling predators. I am not sure though, I think the bani may be telling us that God saves us from diseases, sorrows, and these stated water-creatures (i.e. by giving us land to live on?). Like I say I am not sure on this one, perhaps someone wiser can comment, but this is what I have taken it to mean whether correct or incorrect, hopefully we will find out soon on this thread.

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