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Mix and Match by Javanmard it seems!

Homer Simpson

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I would like to ask Javanmard:

You claim Imam Ali gave Amrit to Satguru Nanak Maharaj...Then why is it stated in the Nanak Prakash (I think it is) that Maharaj saw Vishnu?

You paint this picture that Muslims see Sikhi as another path to attaining God and that the Guru's are Pirs of God.

NO Muslim claims or says what you are! Where are you getting your knowledge from?!

If what you say is true..Then why do they say Maharaj is NOT the Light of God, Sikhi is NOT a path to God??!!

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Guest Javanmard

Homer Simpson: are you a Jehova's witness who likes to harass people when they tell you to f off?

1. I never said all Muslims say that

2. As to Guru Nanak I said it was the Eternal Imam yes, whom Indians call Vishnu.

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Guest Javanmard

1. Which Muslims?

2. The Hadith talk about Ahl ul Bayt min Hind. So far nobody knows exactly who they are. Yes some people say it might be the Gurus. The text says Ahl ul Bayt min Hind, the interpretation of which depends on the persons knowledge and interest. As most non-Indian Shi'as have never heard of Guru Nanak you can't really blame people for not knowing.

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HS wrote:

"Niranjana, that link just seeks out to proove each others religions false. I do not see how that link has answered the questions. Thanks anyway"

I wasn't seeking to answer the questions with the link, however given the way in which this topic seems to be flavour of the month for every single thread one chooses to check, it certainly highlights the main thoughts behind the proposition if they weren't clear on this forum and/or not raised on this forum (as yet).

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