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  1. From a philosophical POV one can say that tey came from our elders, the sayane pursh. Amrit has been here in different forms from the dawn of mankind. The Khanda Pahul is just one of many. As Dalsingh mentioned its not there to replace but to supplant. I believe there maybe a few variations of this, ie some use a kirpan others dont - though I've never heard of a khanda being used, that is only for Khanda Pahul. SOme will recite Japji, other Sukhmani or Anand Sahib; yet others may even recite Durga Path. It all depends on ones individual taste. At the end of the day it is a ritual that a group of like-minded people developed to unify themselves as peers and specifically in this case to enjoin the newer generation to ones beliefset.
  2. Your'e gonna get weasels on all types of forums, this included - it comes with the anonimity factor. But if the seniors/mods/elders have allowed it to stay on the forum it just goes to demonstrate their 'gutter budhi'.
  3. Dont be too shocked!! This is a form of baptism I've heard of in the past for new born babies. A sort of birth ceremony. it is sometimes done by dripping the amrit into the babies mouth with thetip of the kirpan. I dont think many babies have this done (I cant remember it happening to me; though it was quite a long time ago). BTW there more than one type of amrit ceremony than you are aware of.
  4. so did I. it seems to make more sense when its interpreted as using every cell in the body to recite the name; as opposed to every hair on the body to recite the name.
  5. Haha cheers for that. I thought it may mean something else.
  6. What is the defn of ROM? is it 'hair' or 'cells' of the body? Swami Ramdev often talks of what hear as 'Lom-i-Lom'. Is that what he is saying? And what is he referring to?
  7. If you go to Amritsar there are TWO Udasin Akharas right on the door steps of Harmandir Sahib. Very few people are aware of these places. Dalejeet and Tirath Singh both work together from what I gather, or at least are in contact with each other. If you have the details of one you may be able to contact the other. Or just pm me. I've never known of Udasi deras/gurdwaras in the west. (Though someone here did once mention of an ancient dera in St Petersburg in Russia, it used to exist in the past!!!)
  8. AS Zakhmi on SIkh Channel now......Wicked!!!!!

  9. Not having read the article by the Ravidassias it just seems they what to 'big up' their Guru. Mmost minority sikh groups have and will make simialr claims. The evolution from Brami - Sharada - Landa - Gurmukhi seems the most reasonable explanation. I think what would really help is to know when and how the term GURMUKHI came about. Was it when the gurus adopted this script for writing bani or did it come earlier/later?
  10. why would anyone deny that they are God? I AM THAT AN AL-HAQ, AN AL-HAQ! Would you deny that your atma is part of paratma?
  11. http://punjabiworld.com/news/Creative-Punjab/gurmukhi.html Heres an article about the origins of the Gurmukhi script. Its states that the gurus did not invent the script, rather they standardised it. "The traditional accounts, such as the references found in the Janamsakhi literature, say that the Gurmukhi script was invented by the second Sikh Guru, Guru Angad Dev. However, it would be correct to say that the script was standardised, rather than invented, by the Sikh Gurus. E.P. Newton (Panjabi Grammar, 1898) writes that at least 21 Gurmukhi characters are found in ancient manuscripts: 6 from 10th century, 12 from 3rd century BC and 3 from 5th century BC. Apparently, the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev also used the Gurmukhi script for his writings."
  12. I think there may be something on wikipedia about that. i've read similar articles in the past on the web.
  13. From what i gather it amy not have been just the monsoons. I think the drying up of the Saraswati River had the biggest impact. (Though I cant exactly recall if the SR went anywhere near the present Harrapan settlements.)
  14. Hope all the desi locals will come out to support him there.
  15. Apparently Fauja Singh is a torchbearer. He will be running in Borough of newham, london. http://www.london2012.com/torch-relay/torchbearers/community=the-london-borough-of-newham/index.html
  16. You will see that there are many similarities betwenn the dieties, belifs, and myths between all cultures, places and races of the world. SOme would call it Sanatan Dharma ie the original, ancient 'religion' that has been on this world since dawn of time.
  17. Saree duniya nu Golden Jublee di lakh lakh vadayee hove!! :)

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      Lol but how long are you gonna wait?You donĀ“t wanna turn into a 80-year old grandad when you tie the knot, do you? ;)



      You mean like Hugh Hefner? Now thats an idea...thanks for that!!!

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  18. Seems like an interesting mission you're proposing Chatanga! Anyone know where this gurdwara is in Rajasthan/gujrat? Methinks i should start sending out Direct Debit forms to everyone so that you can send your daswand to me to help pay for this seva. I always thought that Reheraswas a composite bani, and that there is no proper, original version. I do the Nanaksar/Hazoor Sahib version yet I 've also heard Nihangs of Hazoor Sahib add chunks of Chandi di Vaar to their Reheras path. As Dalsingh stated, I also believe the 'more is better' philosophy of Reheras. The word is made up of two parts. Reh and ras. Meaning Correct/rightful and route('rasta'), respectively. Meaning it is a bani that puts you on the correct path. It is read at sunset/evening times because that is when traditionally one would start going on the 'wrong' path ie bring out the glassy, visit prostitutes, sit down with mates for idle gossip/nindiya etc. If you spend more time reading rehras then you will have less time to commit other deeds.
  19. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2151143/Climate-change-wiped-worlds-great-civilisations-4-000-years-ago.html Latest research shows that climate change caused the decline of Indus Valley civilisation and Saraswati river! So it wasn't the 'Aryan Invasion' that caused thier demise!? as western historians always claimed.
  20. I see where you are coming from, but if you ask any fighter, whether eastern martial artist or western. They will all agree that there is nothing 'martial' about stick twirling/gatka. No way on gods earth can this be utilised in any form of combat. If one were to state that its a martial sport - ie games or a play derived from a fighting system, then yes I would agree with that. But really no way can you still argue that gatka is a martial art!!
  21. Good work Dalsingh. You've earned yourself a year in sawarg for this.
  22. Anyone got any more sources about indian history/archaeology from Indian perspective, rather than European perspective?
  23. An interesting site I came across about ancient Indian history. I haven't read the scholars papers but sounds interesting from what I've watched on youtube. He's a Vedic scholar though ethnically a Greek. From what I gather he takes a Indo-centric approach to indian pre-history, ie counter argues the Aryan Invasion theory etc. BTW when he talks of Sapt Sindu, he is on about Panjab! Incase you want any relevance to this site. http://www.omilosmeleton.gr/en/default_en.asp
  24. You dont have a proper English or Panjabi version of this letter?
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