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life on other planets

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life on other planets is this possible? there are 8.4 million species on this planet? what about the other planets?

man has been around for only a little bit of time, before that there was dinosaurs.. did god want man to arrive later? just like man came 2 be.. will man eventually be wiped out?

I don't think so. And even it its a possibility, who cares? and why. My life is limited/short. and there are ample lives like u all are here to share the fun.

Moreover, if by any chance, some other planet has life, i humbly reuqest not to find/explore that. If we can't be good with our next doors neighbours, if we hate human belings from of other caste,religion,country. why.. for what we are searchinhg more lives. huh! Let them live peacefully. Please.

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This is VERY INTERESTING!!!!!! Everyone should read!!!!!!



The topic of Extraterrestrials is an interesting one that all should consider upon re-examining one’s faith. The word extraterrestrial means not of this world and therefore should include everything and anything outside of this world. Due to many of society’s false portrayal of extraterrestrial and its definition; many have extraterrestrial synomonous with alien beings. Along with this misconception, the masses are led to believe by our scientific authorities that we are presently searching for life in outerspace, but as of yet none have been found.

Upon re-examining even what little we know of outerspace, we can justifiably and intelligently conclude that life exists in outerspace and has for quite some time. Probably before we even acknowledged an outerspace. For example: the planets in our solarsystem are alive. So is the sun, the moons, and hundreds of stars. Astrologers have known this and the affect the planets, stars, moon, and sun play in mapping out an astrological birth chart, as well as their affects on our lives on a daily basis. We would be wise to retrain our minds into thinking Life equals Energy as oppose to limiting the word life to alien beings.

I’ve asked people on several occassions if they believed in UFOs. Their reply was a resounding no usually followed by laughter, then this reply; "If they really existed, we’d have concrete proof of aliens by now, don’t you think?"

Again, we have combined words and their meanings due to false portrayals by society either through movies, books, television...etc. UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. No where in that definition do we find the word alien being and yet we cannot think of one without the other, extremely erroneous on our part. Lately, the Top Secret aircraft our military were experimenting with in the forties and fifties, are appearing on programs and books...many resembling the same aircrafts reported as UFOs by civilians. So you see, UFOs can be and were piloted by human beings.

However, the recordings of UFO sightings date back considerably, so even though the forties and fifties are now being explained, the sightings going back centuries remain a mystery indeed to believers and non-believers as well.

I believe there are other beings in our solar system; beings that either vibrate at a higher velocity making them visible only on a higher dimension and invisible in our third dimension or beings that dwell in another realm all together. Beings that vibrate at a higher velocity can be compared to the blades of a fan. The faster the blades go, the less you see of them, but they are indeed there. Not only this, but I also believe these beings have the capabilities to slow down said velocity and descend or appear to us on our third dimension. I’m assuming beings with a higher intelligence would also suggest beings with a higher consciousness, therefore eliminating that primitive and limited way of thinking in opposites, duality; good and evil; right and wrong. A higher intelligence would see a far greater picture than we can even hope to grasp. You are probably wondering how so and if there are beings of this sort, did not God create them as well?

I’ve stated earlier that nature was void evil due to the fact that it’s Creators were void, if not transcended, evil. The same can be said for the beings of higher intelligence. They have already gone through what we are going through right now. In otherwords, they are truly mankind’s ancestors. Yes, at one point in time they too were created, but what is important to remember is that they took part in our creation as well. This is why these beings of higher intelligence and consciousness know us so well. They know us inside and out; including our fears... The analogy that can be used is an engineer compared to a consumer. Which is going to know all the ins and outs of a machine?

History has a way of repeating itself, and as we bear this in mind; science today is making astounding research and experiments involving manipulation of DNA. These experiments have led to the capability to "create" body parts and cloning. If we have reached this point in scientific evolution, it would be safe to say our extraterrestrial ancestors, with their higher intelligence and consciousness, as well as their highly advanced technology, could have played a major role in creating man on this planet.

Viewing extraterrestrials as partly responsible for our existence, definitely explains their interest in mankind throughtout the centuries; from ancient civilizations up until present day.

It would also bring into play their ability to influence our lives in the most subtle of ways, abduction while we are asleep is the most known. I believe extraterrestrials have access to our conscience and can therefore submit messages, which intermingled with our own feelings, emerges undetected by the conscious mind in many cases. If detected can be repressed or dismissed as a nightmare or dream, maybe even an overactive imagination, stress, or fantasy; and yet be very real. Unlike the Darkside which can only influence us due to our ignorance pertaining to our own manifested evils, Extraterrestrials it would seem can influence us at will. Granted, there are other ways besides abduction, which include but are not limited to: manifesting as a Dark or Light being, telegraphing messages on your own frequency, and of course; appearing to you as they are. The latter being the rarest case of coarse. One must also keep in mind that there are various extraterrestrials, not just one kind of alien beings. This also would imply various reasons for interacting with mankind. I would also venture to say, they do not adhere to the same time principle we do, as in days, weeks, months, even years...time should be irrelevant when discussing extraterrestrial presence among us.

Some evolutionists have stated that man as a species has changed its physical form several times due to an inescapable process of adaptation to environmental changes. The same can be applied to our extraterrestrial ancestors. When appearing in our third dimension, changes to their form should be expected, and if we were to travel to the fourth or fifth dimension..changes in our form would definitely take place. More than likely, this is also the very reason to our human eyes, there are no physical movements on other planets. The physicality of said beings can only be viewed from another dimension or realm. There is nothing to see on our dimension because they have transcended our dimension or have traveled to another realm. We can search high and low, and to no avail unless we can travel to another realm or vibrate to a higher dimension. This is where the proof of extraterrestrial technological superiority is found - we cannot find them, they find us. In other words, we cannot view them unless they allow us to.

I am sure you are wondering several things at this point, like if the extraterrestrials are "bad" or mean us harm? I would say many are not, but then again only they and the beings above them, know their true intentions. I compare them to us much like I would a college professor to a kindergarden class. Although a professor knows Santa Clause does not exist, he also knows stating so to the kindergarden class would cause only sorrow as oppose to heightened awareness. The professor understands that heightened awareness develops at a private pace and therefore should be left to do as much through trial and error; and eventually through judgement and reasoning.

If an extraterrestrial being appeared before your very eyes right now, what would you do? (please answer honestly) You would probably crap your pants, scream, jump, then scream some more, then either stand in shock, pass out, or run away. So why are you doubting their existence on lack of what you consider, concrete proof? Very few would actually communicate with extraterrestrial beings, and it is because of our ignorance that these beings use the utmost subtlty when making their presence known. Some may even appear as angels.

Guruji says:

There are beings and creatures in the water and on the land, in the worlds and universes, form upon form. Guru Nanak Dev Ji 466

I see none as great as You, O Great Giver; You give in charity to the beings of all the continents, worlds, solar systems, nether regions and universes. ||3|| Guru Amar Daas Ji 549

He Himself gives, and He himself takes; He is the generous father of the beings of the three worlds. ||3|| Guru Nanak Dev Ji 1031

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that's a very intriguing idea... but very frightening as well...

it has some very significant consequences to our ideas of what/who God is as well as other things such as where these other worlds may exist...

part of me wonders whether our souls can be considered these higher beings who mature and shed their cocoons (the human body) here on Earth and travel to wherever they must go next.

newho... i'm getting lost in thought with this idea... but it's pretty interesting to say the least...

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I believe in life on other planets, because when some astronauts went on mars they discovered pyramids!!!!! Now if there is no life then I'm really not sure who could have built them. I mean just think about it. The sun is a star. And every star has planets that orbit them. And we know that there are lots of stars up in space. Which means alot of planets will be up there. So how could there be no life on all those planets ( there must be thousands of planets up there). How can there only be life on one planet in all of space?????? 8)

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lol, like I said noone has been on Mars yet!

Not many stars have planets that orbit them. Furthermore, those that do have "planets" don't necesariy have solid planets (eg Saturn is a gaseous planet). But even taking these factors into consideration, the know size of the universe today must hold some planets that support life. And out of these planets, some must contain life.

Io (one of Jupiter's moons) is said to contain lakes of frozen liquid (possibly water).

JapJi Sahib tells us there's life and I agree with Guru Ji coz they were merged with Waheguru whereas I'm just a lonely internet freak.

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Life on other planets

For sure there is life, not only maybe on other planets, but even in the subtler planes of consciousness.

The thing is, we see life force from our human point of view. In that sense, it is a very limited point of view. For we limit the life force to to the gross and material.

Life force is something more than the perishable body. Life force, is the jeev atma, the one ray of Waheguru in that particular body.

Then too, as we know, we have not only 1 body, but 3 bodies or coverings, on our souls. 

The first is the physical, then the astral or subtle body, and the last covering is, the causal one, still subtler. All these 3 coverings are under the creation of Brahm.

After that, is the region of Paarbrahm or Mahasunn, by crossing it with the help of Shabad Guru, we the surat dhun chela, reach the final stage of Sach Khand, or the highest level consciousness of Satnam.

So you see, with our physical death, our existence does not cease to exist, it is only that, according to our own karam, we move into different planes of consciousness.

For example, the devis, devtays, Swarg of gods , Baikunth of Vishnu, from where he descended in 10 avatars, such as Krishna, Ram, Narashima, Budha, etc ...

Then we have Brahmlok, the plane of Brahma; then we have Shivpuri, the residence or stage of Shiva and consort Shakti....

All these higher entities are working accordingly, to a particular role to play, assignated by Waheguru on them. 

They too yearn to be born as human beings, in order to come in contact with a Sant , a Gurmukh, a Bhagat Jan, a lover of Waheguru, in whose company or association, they too may get ferried across.

Then we have Guru Sahiban, Brahmgyani  or Gurmukh Jan, who come directly from Sach Khand, the abode of eternal Truth, and who are none other than the manifestation of Waheguru Akal Purukh. That is why the Bani says: apaay Satgur, apaay Har, apaay mel milawe

You see, the Bani at many places clearly tells us who these Guru Sahiban are, as manifestations of  Waheguru Akal Purukh.  On the other side, does any of the scriptures  such as Bhagwad Geeta, Ramayan, Vedas, etc, ever mention of Nam, Shabad? The answer is no.

The teachings in Gurbani, if paid attention, are not of anything external or outside as seen in the lives and practices induced by the avatars/prophets,/incarnations, represented by variety of forms, genders, supernatural powers, weapons, etc... but those which are based on Ik only, and that only is Shabad, Nam, or Satnam.

This is the main difference.

While by worshipping the incarnations or avtars, we remain in the deluded and perishable creation, at most we go their stages, stay there there for definite period of time according to the phal of our shub karmas, then again we fall into the lower forms ...we never merge and become one with them, for they are not the ultimate reality. Had it be so, Ravan a highest devotee of one of the trinty gods , even after so much tap, did not become saintly, but remained very much sinful as before or even more. 

That is why we see, variety in their abodes, such shakti as consorts, they too have wives, daughters, sons, laying on serpents, sitting on lions, bulls, rats, eagles, etc , etc and etc ....

All these things are not taught in Gurbani, where there is the only praise of One waheguru Akal Purukh and His Sachaa Nao. 

With the benefit of, that, even the worst sinner by doing His Bhakti, gets cleansed throughly, reaches Sach Khand, the region of immortality, and then the most beautful and fascinating thing happens, we are freed for ever from all forms of life, and merge into our origin Waheguru and becoming one with Him, forever.

What else does one need?  why do we get so much impressed by these incarnations or avtars? 

They are mentioned in the Bani, to just make us see the multiplicity and inmensity of His creation, that is all, nothing more.

Had any avtars/incarnations been the supreme truth, Guru Sahiban had surely started the Bani by referring to them as the supreme truth,as thy had come much before them.

But the ultimate and highest reality, is always the One, with which the Bani starts reffering to it, and that is : IK OANKAR SATNAM.

So much grace, so much mercy, so much love have we  received  through Gurbani from the the only One and Highest, namely Wahegru Akal Purukh.

Let us make the most and best from our human birth, to do His bhakti accordingly, cross and arise above all and everything, and reach our Nijh Ghar of Sach Khand, in the lap of our beloved Waheguru Akal Purukh.

Stay blessed.



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