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  1. Javanmard learn to speak with manners, when have I insulted you, I have just asked for proof?
  2. What...so EVERY Iranian is proud of their culture are they? And just because you say that the Amrit practices are from Shias, you expect me to just take your word for it?
  3. And where the proof that Khalsa came from Iran?
  4. You are always insulting Indian this Indian that...what you trying to proove?
  5. You would say its better than India as you have something against India..and proove that the Khalsa traditions came from Iran?
  6. Its a genuine question so dont get an erection..anyone on this forum
  7. Good they finally thought of doing justice and taking that piece of shit off. All they ever talked of was if youre allowed to take yoru kashera off. Bunch of admincut if you ask me!!
  8. That because you have a small piece,
  9. Amardeep you have already answered your own damn question when you posted the question....keep your knickers on!!!
  10. Admin people on this forum cannot obviuolsy hold a historical discussion and have to resport to name calling. NOTE I am NOT backing up Javanmard but am stating that if the admins of this forum wish to keep it at a decent level, keep fools out!!!
  11. Another thing Javanmard, when have I ever insulted the Prophet and the Imams? I fully respect them..
  12. Javanmard, when have I called you those things, and you cannot generalise the whole community based on YOUR experiences. In the times of the Gurus, the Sikhs were fully versed in Arabic and Persian, it is only now that the 'Sikhs' have become stupid as can be seen from this forum!!!
  13. John

    What or who is Kaffir?

    Yet again Javanmard thanks for avoiding my post!!!
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