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  1. If I'm not mistaken doesn't Bhai Nand Lal Ji reffer to Guru Sahib as wali sometimes in his writings? Also, it is believed by muslims that God sent 120,000 prophets to the nations of mankind before Muhammad, and predominantly those prophets were of Judaic/Arab decent. In the Qu'ran it states that Muhammad is the "seal" of the lineage of prophets, now my understanding is that he may be the seal for the Judaic/Arab nations but doesn't hold that position for faiths or nations around the world, hence allowing scope for the lineage of prophets to continue in the Indo traditions. Its interestin
  2. thats because the link is www.ragmalagurbanihai.com
  3. you know what surprises me the most is his comment that the akj have a track record of providing Gursikhs who lay down their lives. If you mean Gursikhs who caim to be in baba deep singh jis army then gwaan! And the most hilarious thing i found about this guy is his comment that Nihungs cannot take that claim. You deluded peice of soiled kachera what was budhadal created for. These AKJ's think of themselves as mahasants but in fact they brahmins that they slander they dont realise that in fact its unbelievable how close to their way of thought the akjs truly is.
  5. no no no im npt disputing what you have said, its just that shiv is supposed to live regardless pralay as he is the cause of pralay and therefore cannot be destroyed. As regards to Mahapralay it will only come when bhrama dies as he is the creator, now if he was to be replaced many many times then the concept of pralay would seem senseless because if pralay was to occur when bhrama goes to sleep (which is true because manu had to be towed by mach avtar while pralay occured during bhrama jis sleep) then what would happen when bhrama died? if pralay is the cause of bhramas sleeping then surl
  6. Mahapralay is as you have put it, TOTAL Annihilation, Mahapralay will occur when Bhrama has lived his entire life span (according to hinduism) at the end of bhrama ji's day we get pralay, ie end of a Yug. when Bhrama Ji goes to sleep everything goes haywire i.e. pralay! So the day when Bhrama goes back into parabhram we will get Mahapralay ie the end of the universe. Only Mahakaal knows when and what he wants to when Mahakaal ji destroys the universe!
  7. youve gone off somewhere else now. reread my posts then reply please
  8. yes if they were in the same plane, but Granth Maharaj and the ginans are in two different "mediums" thats like correlating the Buddhist Sutras and the Zoroaster books of fire
  9. no problem jehre marji din aajavi yeh but how can you drag Sarbloh Guru Granth Sahib Ji into it. The ginans and Granth maharaj are two different and separate sources you cant correlate both to prove your point
  10. you haven't answered my question, but has stalled them which i have noticed you have a tendency to do so
  11. dasam bani is not full of quotes of the Quran nor the puraans, they are Maharajs own compositions, and are you then calling my kalanidhaan guru a copy cat? also did lady fatimah destroy chand and mund if not then she has no status to that of chandika. Is she reffered to as the "dhulfikar" or any weapon in the ginans? Admin Cut: No Personal Attacks Allowed !
  12. ur forgetting one more mahapursh Mahakaal Akali Nihung 96 Cror Budha Dal Panth Jathedaar Shrimaan Sant Bhramgyani Baba Santa Singh JI
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