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  1. If I'm not mistaken doesn't Bhai Nand Lal Ji reffer to Guru Sahib as wali sometimes in his writings? Also, it is believed by muslims that God sent 120,000 prophets to the nations of mankind before Muhammad, and predominantly those prophets were of Judaic/Arab decent. In the Qu'ran it states that Muhammad is the "seal" of the lineage of prophets, now my understanding is that he may be the seal for the Judaic/Arab nations but doesn't hold that position for faiths or nations around the world, hence allowing scope for the lineage of prophets to continue in the Indo traditions. Its interestin
  2. this is just as masalafied as the time that ocelot nob got his kashera in a twist over gurbarakaal having Hanuman Ji as his avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and freed, your too much man, trust you to post this thread on sikhsangat, next post it on islamicdomination.com LOL!!!!!!!!!
  3. i have more if you want, you are more than welcome!
  4. Shiva as Pashupatinath with Parvati
  5. and another one tibetian thangka style
  6. maybe, now im speculating, the four feet could be ways in which to reach god, and in kal yug only two of them are left , the only one left that i can think of of bhakti, and one of the legs of sat yug being tapasya, which is no-longer a path in kal yug. Again just my thoughts and speculations.
  7. from a long shot could it be the four dharams a man should go though in life shishya ghrist sanyaas etc
  8. this is ground shaking information. could someone reiterate the "real" story of vaisakhi 1699 then?
  9. to this day our perception of Mata Ji has been of a STRONG woman who contributed and made the Amrit ceremony complete by adding pataseh. If she didnt do this then what is the real story of vaisakhi 1699? And these texts which mention this arent so readily available in the UK, so if anyone could do the seva of providing the quotes will be much appreciated. This "story" is one of Sikhisms most fundamental events, the truth must be known!
  10. theek ya bhai saab i get what ur sayin but then this totaly nullifies some theories which say that without the touch of the feminine a balance cant be made to create amrit eg shiv shakti.
  11. because then that makes the entire event of vaisakhi 1699 have a question mark over it!
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