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  1. I wish her all the best and hope that she continues to wear a beautiful smile!
  2. We also know, thanks to Prof. Pashaura Singh's discovery of a copy [18] found in Vaid Mohan Singh's library of an imperial order given by Jahangir, that before relations turned sour, the Emperor had generously granted Guru Arjan 1400 bighas of land (approximately 280 acres) for Taran Taran. [19]- This was deemed to be a ‘reward’ for creating bauli’s during a time of draught....not a simple ‘you’re a saint, take this land’....also according to pashaura singh The straw that ultimately broke the camel's back is Guru Arjan's decision to side with the rebel Khusraw, who was attempting a coup
  3. The Sikh Panth is richer and a more blessed panth to be a part of when maharaj has singh's like yourself to help keep us all afloat.

    I namaskar to you

  4. See sikhi as your creed. Sikhs have their own language, but wisen up.....infrastructures that are more community serving or at least more serving to the larger community should take precedence over infrastructure that benefits only badal. What I find amazing is how much the politics of identity really inform our paths. Samparda's and jatha's are like organizations people get experience in before they decide on their choice of career (samparda). Again not being critical. I like dalsingh's post. Valid points are brought forth. The thing is there are multiple worldviews that are in place, s
  5. This is interesting, I wonder if it is true. We can't say they are lies...it seems like 1-off events ended up shaping history for sikhs and this could be the whole reason for the 4th pauri argument...
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