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  1. I see what you are saying. My intention wasn't to ridicule, but I can see how my abrupt style can be seen to be ridiculing. I will watch that in future. Thanks
  2. Fatehsingh, this behaviour really is too much. You really have to learn some manners when writing on discussion boards. If you have evidence to the contrary then provide your sourse. Do not refer to me as talking "BS".
  3. The point I am trying to make is that there is not a problem with the opposite sex i.e. they lead us into temptation, but the problem is within (which is pretty much what you have said). Kaam = obsession with sex. It is abnormal behaviour. It is not the basic desire to procreate, but something more than that. It is like a glutton with food. So averting one's eyes from teh opposite sex will not clear up the problem. I know people who are so obsessed with Kaam that they find the touch of leather starts their obsession with sex. Hope I have made myself clear.
  4. Hmm I don't buy this or the examples. We need to differentiate between pure Love (which can occure between a man and woman), and Lust (Kaam) which can occur between a man and a woman. I don't buy all this looking down business. What next Burkha's for men and women?
  5. Hmm I don't buy this or the examples. We need to differentiate between pure Love (which can occure between a man and woman), and Lust (Kaam) which can occur between a man and a woman. I don't buy all this looking down business. What next Burkha's for men and women?
  6. I think many mistake the different emphasis reincarnation in Sikhi with the belief there is no reincarnation. A very learned man I met in India explained to me that reincarnation in Sikhi is akin to "matter cannot be created or destroyed but only changes form".
  7. So true. I think the Singh Sabha movement was trying to stop Sikhi being absorbed into Hinduism, but some of the proponents may have gone a little far. Compounded by what happened in 1984 Hindu phobia seems rife. One only has to go onto sikhsangat or Panthic weekly to see this.
  8. Correct but it gives an insight into the behaviour of Sikhs from other accounts. A long time since I read it, but I must have included it for a reason. In The Master Presence - The Sikhs of Hazoor Sahib is very interesting>>I started reading it today. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Masters-Presence-S...b/dp/0956016804
  9. Stop getting personal!!! You brought Namdhari accounts into this and I have dismissed them based on the fact Namdhari's don't believe Guru Gobind Singh ji died when he did in the Deccan. Infact they believe Guru Gobind Singh didn't die until he was well over 100 years old and passed the mantle to Balak Singh: http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=aeKWQze...snum=5#PPA59,M1 You asked me to provide evidence I have, and I have full knowledge of Namdhari traditions through a relative in our village who succumb to Namdhari propaganda, and he himself has told me of the above. I am not saying Na
  10. Well as Mithar pointed out, some of Maharaja Ranjit Singh's Sikhs came some 20 to 30 years earlier. Maybe they added some practices. Also where are your sources for this and what are these "conflicting reports"?. In anycase Joginder Singh Moni kept a pretty good record of traditions - Sri Hazoori Maryada Prabodh. No offence but Namdhari traditions hold no water. Namdhari's should not even believe in Hazoor Sahib because they believe Guru Gobind Singh never died at that time so there is no point to Hazoor Sahib. In anycase there are records from teh 1800's that record trad
  11. The interesting thing about Hazoori Sikhs is that they have been unblemished by the inroads Vaishavism and Dera Culture have made into Punjabi Sikhism. Hazoori's are descended from the original Sikhs who accompanied the 10th Master some 300 Years ago to the Deccan. They have carried on traditions unblemished since that time. I know that Punjabi Sikhs have been blemished, because my own family who are a long lineage of Amritdhari Sikhs, describe how in the 1920's and 1940's Namdhari's and then AKJr's tried hard to stop Amritdhri's in our village from doing Jhatka (my family are not Nihangs b
  12. Tilak is seen a blessing too, if I am not mistaken?
  13. Do Namdhari's believe in the Gurudwara at Hazoor Sahib, because surely they cannot if they believe Guru Gobind Singh ji lived on?
  14. OK. The Guru's were from Kshatriya/Khatri lineage. The tradition of Jhatka would not have been alien to their lineage. Jhatka has been used in India for thousands of years for: 1) Just killing and animal for food 2) Demonstrate a warriors prowess with a sword (similar to what Samurai's would do) 3) Kill an animal for sacrifice (Bali) Jhatka would be used in all 3 areas, but for a Sikh an animal killed in sacrifice is not permissible. Forms of sacrifice are Halaal, Bali, Kosher (collectively known as Kuttha and mistakenly just thought of as Halaal). The aim of these sacrifices is
  15. Put it in context. All tilak is/was a method of passing leadership from one person to another. Used by Kings and Warriors of that time. Probably pre-dates Hinduism. Just a ceremony, like for example a Knighthood.
  16. oh dear, please doon't call me a Bhai or eople will start making offering at my house and start worshipping me. I must admit I am anti-Bhai/Jatha/Baba type organisations, and I wasn't actually thinking about AKJ specifically when I wrote this, but some other organisations.
  17. I must admit I find the actual personalities I have met of some Namdhari's I have met to be truly odious, but that is not to say all Namdhari's are bad. Some of their traditions focus to much on personality, and they use the word Guru to describe their leaders, but is that any different from these Jatha's that have so called Bhai's/Sants as leaders. All you have to do is substitute Bhai/Sant for Guru as a word.
  18. Most of the people I know refer to Panthic Weekly as "Nindya" Weekly! Incidently, I have read Niddar Singh/Parmjit Singh's book "In The Masters Presence - Sikhs of Hazoor Sahib" http://www.amazon.co.uk/Masters-Presence-S...b/dp/0956016804 and it seems to be very well researched and put together. A good job all round.
  19. Precisely (and all his Avtars for which some say the Guru's are).
  20. Ekh Musafir Ji but seriously http://www.dvaita.org/docs/srv_faq.html#what
  21. Problem with Jatha's and Sant believers is just this as you have stated. They started off as the united Waheguroo network and have slowly fragmented into sects further and further. They do not concerned about the welfare of the Panth as a whole or the SRM but just their own paartisan agenda's. The are anti-Nihang, anti-SRM, anti-Akali, anti-Meat, anti-Hindu, anti-Muslim, anti-Mona, anti-this, anti-that, but what are they positive for and actually for? But where is this the Gurmatta (Consensus)? Are they actually for anything? Unfortunately this is the sad state of Sikh affairs on sik
  22. There are are that many Bhai's Sant's and Baba's I tend to lose track. :-) Actually there is a massive difference between a Vegetarian Sikh who accepts the SRM and a Vashnavite. It is like the Sun and the Moon. Examples of vegetarian Sikhs are Aman Singh (SPN), N30 Singh. Examples of Vaishnavites Ekh Musafir ji. Like N30 Singhji says, pm me about my signature. Regards
  23. I do not doubt the intention, it is just we have to be careful. In the case I highlighted of Bhai Randhir Singh and Dr Ganda Singh 2+2= 4, but they did not consider it maybe 2-2 =0 or 2/2 = 1. It is human nature, and I am the biggest one guilty of it when I am doing my research. It is only when I cross refernce I usually find the truth.
  24. There is no burden of proof on me because I seek to prove nothing. I am merely reiterating what the author said, and I am more inclined to believe an academic researcher than someone on the internet. You also assume too much, I have read Bhai Randhir Singh's autobiography, of which some parts I find outrageous (meeting with Bhaghat Singh), to downright comical (theories on why teeth get eroded). As you can see I am not a big fan of his, but then again there were many of his ilk around at that time. Incidently there is a presentation here on the development of the Sikh Code of Conduct
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