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Infamous Daytime Gigs


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I found this article in The Observer


It's a potted history of 'UK Bhangra' - it reminded me of these two short films from some old videos I re- discovered recently.

The videos are cringe making in the extreme - showing the 'pioneers' of 'Daytime gigs' - 'X-Zecutive Soundz'

The Clothes - The Music - The Moves !!!!!!!

ALL Shocking ! :LOL:

The Videos are from around 1986 - so many of the people in them are now in their late 40s - and probably have kids of their own - I wonder what their relationship with their kids is like ? Do they give their kids the "freedom" they craved ?

HMMMM I wonder ?

I know many people on some forums believe the 'Daytime gig' is responsible for all that is wrong in the world today

I don't wish to censor anybody BUT Please keep any responses Clean - No death threats - calling people 'Outside' - NO misogynistic replies - namecalling - sweeping statements - and please no 'Ma/Bhen diyan Gaahlan'

Ok here goes (I just know I'm gonna regret this) here are the links

Chasing Rainbows (Daytimes and Southall Gangs) from Channel 4 c.1986


Sunday East (Bhangra Funk disco) channel 4 c.1986


Whistle posse MAKE SOME NOISE !!!!!!


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Did someone mention Reggae ?

Here are 'The Sahotas' with their reggae inflected 'Akia Smaal'

The eagle eyed will see the video is from 'Our' Cilla's 'Surprise Surprise !'.

The Sunday night show/Blub Fest, where she made people's 'dreams come true' or reunited families.

In this case the lad wanted to play Dholki with a Bhangra band.

It's from around 1989.


Here are Apna Sangeet with 'The First ever Bhangra Video' - as you can tell they haven't really got any better.

As if they don't say 'Balle Shera Chak de Phattey' enough times. they've got someone dressed up as a lion carrying a plank of wood - Just to bang home the point !

From around 1989


In case anyone thinks I'm taking the mick and just posting 'cheesy' videos - here are 3 of my all time favourite UK TV Punjabi performances - I never get tired of watching these ;

Gurdas Maan - Challa


Great Indian Dancers -


Jagmohan Kaur - Bulle Shah -


Enjoy !

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