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Keertan Baba ?Kehar Singh Ji Klera Walae


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on the following link


you can find 13 divans of keertan by Baba Kehar Singh Ji Klera Walae who were the Hazoori Ragi for Sant Ishar Singh Ji Klera Walae. Their Keertan is similar to that of Sant Sujan Singh. If you are an AKJ you will also enjoy this as the keertan is similar to that you hear at AKJ samagams


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Baba Kehar singh ji came during the time of Dhan Dhan Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj and decided to spend the rest of his life @ Nanaksar Kaleran Jagraon

He did nishkam sewa of Keertan for 52 years without any break.

He always prayed that his body leaves while doing sewa of Keertan.

One day in 1992, when he sat down on harmonium to start amritvela keertan , He put his head down and then he left his body and went to Sachkhand..

Waheguru...Dhan Guru ke Gursikh...


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